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  • Getting started with Lazzypay
  • What is your Lazzypay Score TM?

    The Lazzypay Score gives you a range of your potential spend limit on Lazzypay. The higher the rating the more you can spend using Lazzypay! Our highest rated customers also get access to exclusive promos and discounts through our merchant partners. Using us more frequently and responsibly helps increase your individual scores and thus increase your spend limits.

  • Is Lazzypay safe and secure?

    Lazzypay understands that data security is of utmost importance, so we do not store any sensitive payment information. Our systems undergo comprehensive scans and security audits to ensure your data is safe, adhering to the highest international standards.

  • Does Lazzypay protect my personal information

    Lazzypay respects your right to privacy and our systems are designed to prevent any unauthorized use of your personal information. We employ advanced security measures and maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information. We limit access to sensitive information to those employees for whom access is absolutely necessary. In other words, your information is on lockdown! For additional information, refer to our Privacy Policy.

  • How do I change my email address?

    To change/update your email address

    • Sign in to  Lazzypay
    • Navigate to Settings
    • Click on ‘Change email’ in your Profile
    • Update your email address, then click on ‘Save Changes’
    • Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number
    • A verification email with a link will be sent to confirm your new email address
    • Once the new email address is verified it will be displayed in your Profile

    A notification email will be sent to your old email to confirm your email address has been updated

  • How can I improve my rating and thus increase my spend limit?

    There are many ways you can increase your Lazzypay Score, which allows you to unlock higher spend limits and exclusive promotions for yourself:

    • Frequent use: Using us more frequently in a responsible manner gets you a higher Lazzypay Score
    • Good repayment history: Paying us back on time gets you a higher Lazzypay Score
    • Social ID: Submitting your Social Media ID gets you a higher Lazzypay Score. You can email this to us at
    • Passport: Submitting a scan of your valid Passport gets you a higher Lazzypay Score. You can email this to us at
    • Salary certificate: Submitting a scan of your valid Salary Certificate gets you a higher Lazzypay Score. You can email this to us at
    • National ID: Submitting a scan of your valid National ID gets you a higher Lazzypay Score. You can upload this through your consumer dashboard

    You can also tag us on your social media: Liking and following us on your social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) gets you a higher Lazzypay Score.

  • Why is there a range?

    There are certain factors that can allow us to change your spend amount instantly. In order for us to ensure you get the maximum benefit of the platform, maximum transparency and the most flexibility while shopping, we give you a range rather than specific number. Ensuring your order value remains at or below your range increases chances that your order will be approved.

  • How do I shop now and pay later with Lazzypay?

    Select Lazzypay on checkout at one of our many partner merchants and we split your total purchase into four equal instalments. The first instalment (25%) is processed immediately and the merchant ships your purchase to you.

    Select a biweekly or monthly payment plan for the remaining three instalments. You do not pay any interest or fees if you make your payments on time.

  • How do I sign up for Lazzypay?

    You can sign up either at our website, or as you checkout at any of our partner merchants’ sites. Simple, right?

    You only need a valid:

    • UAE phone number
    • Credit or Debit card

    To sign up for Lazzypay, click here. To check out all our awesome merchants at our Shop Directory go here!

  • Who can use Lazzypay?

    To use Lazzypay, you must be 18 years or above, and have a valid mobile phone number at the country where you need to buy the products from.

    You will also need to have a valid email address as well as an active payment method ready at checkout. We accept all major debit and credit cards.

  • Where can I use Lazzypay?

    We have partnered with several merchants where you can Shop Now and Pay Later. Take a look at our Shop Directory for a complete list. We’re working hard to spread the # Lazzypay and constantly adding new merchants to our Shop Directory, so keep checking back. If you don’t see your favorite merchant yet, encourage them to join Lazzypay by tagging their instagram with # Lazzypay!

  • How is Lazzypay different from a credit card?

    Unlike credit cards and other payment methods, there is absolutely no interest, no processing costs and no hidden fees when using Lazzypay. What you see is what you get, which we think is really refreshing. We have spent a great deal of time designing Lazzypay to keep you, our customer, at the center of everything we do. If you couldn’t tell already, we take great pride in creating an amazing user experience.

  • Is there an interest fee or charge for using instalments by Lazzypay?

    Lazzypay empowers you to shop when you want, without the added pain of ridiculous interest charges or processing fees.

    We make money by charging our merchant partners a small fee, so you have the freedom to Shop Now and Pay Later. You get to choose your payback schedule and pay nothing extra if you stick to that schedule.

  • When will my first payment be deducted?

    The first payment will be collected when you place the order, representing 25% of the total order cost. You then get to choose to pay back the remaining balance in equal instalments, either every two weeks or every month thereafter.

  • Is there any limit on shopping with Lazzypay?

    Your limit primarily depends on you, taking into account several key factors including:

    • The nature of the items you are purchasing;
    • The merchant from whom you are purchasing these items;
    • Your payment history with Lazzypay.

    The more we get to know each other better, the higher your spending power! Using Lazzypay frequently and paying on time builds trust in our relationship and helps increase your spending power with Lazzypay.

  • How do instalments by Lazzypay work?

    Instalments by Lazzypay enables you, the shopper, to Shop Now and Pay Later in four equal instalments. Lazzypay empowers you to select the repayment plan of your choosing, with equal instalments paid either every two weeks or every month. As always, there is no interest, no processing costs and no hidden costs.

    Just shop at one of your favorite stores listed in our  Lazzypay Shop Directory and choose “Lazzypay: Shop Now, Pay Later” as your payment method at checkout. First-time shoppers will need to create an account with Lazzypay. Returning shoppers simply make their purchase. It’s that easy!

    After the purchase is complete, you can log into your Lazzypay account at any time to see your payment schedule or to make a payment before the due date. To make things easy on you, we will automatically process the upcoming payment from your linked debit/credit card either biweekly or monthly, based on the plan you select.

    Nobody likes surprises when it comes to payments, so we will send you email reminders before any instalment is collected to ensure you’re always in the know.

    Some important fine print:

    Lazzypay cannot approve 100% of orders. Our commitment to our customers is to support responsible spending and to protect and prevent any misuse of your account.

    We have engineered algorithms that process a variety of inputs when deciding to approve an order. Some of these inputs include:

    • If there are sufficient funds on your credit/debit card
    • Minimum spend of BHD 20
    • Length of time you have been using Lazzypay
    • Amount you have to repay. Normally, it may help to pay off some old balances (not a guarantee)
    • The value of the order you are trying to place. Normally, it may help to reduce the value of your shopping cart (not a guarantee)
    • Adding an additional valid credit card (not a guarantee)
    • The number of orders you currently have 'open' with us

    We understand it can be frustrating to not know exactly how much you can spend each time or how many active orders you can have at the same time. These approval processes are in place to help Lazzypay responsibly offer a completely free service to shoppers. Again, we’re here to help! If you ever have questions, please reach out to us at .

  • My purchase costs less than the indicated range and it wasn’t approved. Why?

    That’s a real bummer and it rarely happens. If you were trying to purchase something for less than what your Lazzypay Score allows and your order wasn’t approved, the most likely reasons are as follows:

    • Late payments: You have an outstanding overdue instalment with Lazzypay. Clearing your account with us ensures that you can use the platform smoothly
    • Multiple accounts: No user can have more than one Lazzypay Creating multiple accounts can lead to problems with your account
    • Expired or invalid documents: Providing us expired or invalid documents can lead to problems with your account

    In the event that none of these apply to you, please contact us at or +973 17678001

  • What are my repayment plan options?

    Trusting and empowering you to shop the way you want is the Lazzypay way! This is why we give you the option to choose either a biweekly or monthly repayment plan at checkout. You can manage your orders by logging into your account here. Remember, there are no fees if you pay on time or for paying early.

  • Manage your account
  • How do I add a new Payment method?

    We always need to have a valid payment method linked to your account. A first-time customer will have to attach a debit or credit card at checkout to complete a purchase. You can attach a card by clicking on the “Attach Card” button on your screen. You won’t be allowed to complete the purchase without a valid payment method. Returning customers can choose to use the previously attached card for payment or add a new card.

    You can always manage your payments by navigating to Settings in customer accounts

    • Sign in to Lazzypay
    • Navigate to Settings
    • Look for Payment Methods
  • How do I change my password?

    You can change your password from Settings in your account

    • Sign in to Lazzypay
    • Navigate to Settings
    • Click on ‘Change password’ in your Profile
    • Update your new password, then click ‘Save Changes’
    • Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number
    • Your Password will be updated
    • A notification email will be sent to confirm your password has been changed
  • How do I update my Phone Number?

    Simply contact us at One of our friendly agents will help you update your phone number after asking some basic verification questions.

    For security purposes, we can only allow one verified phone number per account. If your phone number changes, please advise us on  As a policy, we cannot merge two accounts. Attempting to create multiple accounts might result in you being removed from the platform.

  • Manage Orders
  • Can I change my instalment plan from biweekly to monthly or vice versa?

    You can select your preferred payment plan at the time of purchase, either Quadpay Mini (biweekly) or Quadpay Max (monthly). Unfortunately, this cannot be changed at a later stage. If you are facing financial hardship, please reach out to us at  Together we will come up with a plan to get you back on track

  • Why is my Lazzypay account deactivated?

    As soon as you miss a payment with us, we will have to disable any further purchases through Lazzypay. We are committed to responsible spending at Lazzypay. A missed payment signals something is wrong. In order to reactivate your account, you will have to clear the instalment and the nominal fixed late fee charged before resuming using Lazzypay. Remember, Lazzypay is completely free to use as long as the payments are made on time.

    If you are facing hardship, we have a hardship policy that allows us to work with you to get you back on track. Please contact us at and let’s figure it out together.

  • How can I get order issues resolved if there is a problem with my order?

    We take pride in the merchants we partner with, selecting only those who share our values of great customer service. That being said, we understand mistakes do happen from time to time. If you are experiencing:

    1. Damaged Goods - We are sorry to hear the goods you received are damaged. Please reach out to the merchant directly and initiate a return. Once the merchant confirms to Lazzypay that they have accepted the return and you have canceled the order, we will refund your payment.
    2. Goods not received - If your goods haven't been received and the due date has passed, please reach out to the merchant directly in order to resolve the issue. We suggest you look for information on their FAQ page to help with resolution as a first step.
  • Why is my order not approved?

    perform assessments and fraud checks throughout the process. In order to continue to deliver the service to you without charging additional fees, we cannot approve 100% of all orders. Our approval models take into account many different factors. If you are not approved, then there a few things to consider:

    1. Do you meet all the eligibility criteria set out in our Terms and Conditions?
    2. Do you have sufficient funds to pay the first 25% instalment at checkout?
    3. How long have you been using Lazzypay?
      • If it is your first time, we have to be extra cautious to prevent misuse
      • If you are a returning customer, your historical repayments and number of ongoing instalments are taken into account. Increasing usage and paying on time means your likelihood of approval remains high!
    4. What is the overall value of your new order? If the order amount is too high, it might be going over your limit. Reducing this amount may help.
    5. How many payment methods are linked to your account? The more valid payment methods you add to your account, the more we understand your repayment capability.

    Please note that we assess each purchase order individually and this takes into account a variety of factors. As such, you could be declined from a specific merchant today but approved by that same merchant tomorrow by changing your order, or a different merchant today.

  • Why haven’t I received my order yet?

    We do not have influence over the delivery of your goods as this is controlled by the merchant. All questions regarding your order shipment, including any changes you might want to make (such as updating delivery address), will need to be sent directly to the merchant.

    If you are unable to get in touch with the merchant, please contact us at  and we will do our best to help you. Remember though, we only handle your payments and have no influence over the order delivery. Unless you think there is a mistake or breach of your account, payments will continue despite the order not being delivered.

  • Can I buy multiple items in one order and pay later?

    Of course! We at Lazzypay want you to get the things you love when you want them. As long as the total amount at checkout does not exceed your specific spending limit, you can buy as many items as you like. Remember, we only handle your payments. The items and their respective shipments will be dependent on the merchant and product availability.

  • Payments
  • What happens if I am in financial hardship and can’t make a payment?

    If you do find yourself in financial hardship, please reach out to our support team at +973 17678 001. One of our dedicated responsible spending advisors will discuss all your available options. Our goal is to encourage responsible spending.

    To be true to our strong commitment to responsible spending, Lazzypay will hold further purchases until all missed payments are cleared.

  • What happens if the automatic payment fails?

    We will send you a reminder email before we collect the instalment, which gives you time to manage the payment or select an alternative payment method. In case the automatic payment fails, we will notify you by email and you will have 24 hours to add a valid payment method.

    If we are unable to collect the instalment after 24 hours due to an invalid payment method, we will then have to apply a late fee of BHD 2. If there is another late payment on the same order, a second late fee of BHD 2 is charged. Late fees are capped at 25% of the total order price or BHD 4, whichever is lower.

    We don’t like charging any fees as we want Lazzypay to be completely free for you. We know you don’t like paying late fees either, so if you feel something went wrong, please contact us at immediately.

    In any event, Lazzypay will hold further purchases and your account will be deactivated until all missed payments are cleared. We do this to ensure responsible use of the platform for everyone.

  • Is there a late fee if I don't repay on time?

    As long as you pay off your order as scheduled, you won’t pay any fees, ever!  However, if you miss an instalment, a nominal fee of BHD 2 would apply for each delayed payment, with a maximum of two late fees per order. The total late fee is capped at 25% of the total order price or BHD 4, whichever is lower. Late fees, if applicable, are always charged with the instalment, instead of as a separate transaction.

  • Can I see my instalment payment history and the amount left outstanding for an order?

    Lazzypay displays your order history in a convenient way, allowing you to check your payment history and remaining balances at any time.  

    To check instalment related information please follow these instructions:

    • Sign in into Lazzypay
    • On the Customer Dashboard you can see the next instalment amount and your order date


    • Navigate to My Orders and hover over the dotted line on an order to view your next instalment amount and date


    • In My Orders select an order. This will display a timeline for payment dates showing the dates when an instalment was paid and when the next instalment amount is due.
  • Will you send me reminders before collecting the instalment?

    Yes! We will send you a friendly email reminder 24 hours before we collect any instalment.

  • Can I pay before the due date?

    Yes! You can pay any time before the due date at no additional cost. Prepaying improves your payment history with us and could lead to higher spending limits. Prepay by choosing the Pay Now feature in My Orders. You can prepay any instalment at any time without any fees.

  • How do I delete an existing credit/debit card (payment method)?

    We associate credit or debit cards with your instalment plans. If you have an ongoing instalment plan with us, you can provide a new credit or debit card and then delete the older one. We always need at least one valid payment method on file, so if you only have one payment method with us, this will need to remain active whether or not you have active instalments due.

  • How do I add a new credit/debit card (payment method)?

    If you are a first-time customer, you need to attach a valid credit or debit card at checkout to complete your purchase.  Returning customers can choose to use a previously attached card for payment or add a new card if needed.

    When you click on Attach Card or Add New Payment, you will be directed to the same page to add your card details.

    You can also add a new card from Settings in your account

    • Sign in to Lazzypay
    • Navigate to Settings
    • Click on ‘Payment Methods’ in Settings

    Click on ‘Add New Card’

  • Which payment methods does Lazzypay accept?

    We accept all major debit and credit cards. At this time, prepaid cards are not accepted.

  • Refunds / Returns
  • What if I want to return part of my order?

    Changes to any order, along with delivery and quality, are always the responsibility of the merchant. The amount and type of return you can make will always be determined by the individual refund policy of the merchant from whom you bought the item(s). 

    For the sake of transparency, we want you to know that once a refund has been processed by the merchant, it will automatically come through us within 7-10 business days.

  • What will happen if my goods haven't arrived or are damaged?

    We take pride in the merchants that we partner with, selecting only those who share our values. At the same time, we understand mistakes can happen. The delivery and quality of the goods is always the responsibility of the merchant. If a delivery is taking longer than expected or if it arrives with something missing or damaged, please get in touch with that merchant directly. Once an order is approved, only the merchant can change that order through their systems.

    As we are reliant on our merchant partners for order handling, we need to continue to collect instalments until the merchant processes any changes or refunds to the order. Don’t worry, once we’ve been informed of any order changes, we will update your balance accordingly.

  • How do refunds work?

    If you are unhappy with your purchase and want a refund, please contact the merchant from whom you purchased the item directly. Each merchant has their own refund policy, which you can normally get from their FAQ page. They will be able to let you know if a return is possible and any associated refund amount.

    After the merchant processes the refund, the refund amount will show up in your account within 7-10 business days and your balance with Lazzypay will be updated.

    As we are reliant on our merchant partners’ return policies, we need to continue to collect instalments until the merchant processes the refund process. Don’t worry, when the refund is successfully processed, the entire payment will be returned to your original payment source.

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