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  • What is Lazzypay and how does it benefit Merchants?

    Lazzypay is a technology-enabled payments solution that empowers your Shoppers to Shop Now and Pay Later with absolutely zero interest and processing fees across four equal instalments. Offering Shop Now and Pay Later options have been shown to increase average basket size by 50-70%, increase conversion rates by 20-40%, reduce refunds by up to 30%, reduce the need for discounting and raise customer loyalty.

    The way it works is simple: your Shopper selects Lazzypay at checkout and fills in some basic details for an instant approval decision. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes, about the same time to enter credit card information. Lazzypay charges your customer only 25% of the total at checkout, but pays you (the Merchant) the entire order value upfront less our take-rate. Lazzypay manages the customer payback schedule and takes on all the fraud, chargeback and repayment risk, which is managed by our proprietary predictive screening technology. You get your cash immediately and risk free! All you then need to worry about is delivering the order.

    We work hard to provide Shoppers a pleasant repayment experience. We have no hidden costs and as long as the Shopper pays on time, there are zero additional fees. Taking this approach deepens the love your Shopper has for your brand, increasing purchase frequency and customer loyalty. Shoppers are fully informed about their upcoming payments through multiple channels and their instalments are automatically scheduled, so they never need to worry about forgetting a due date.

    We take our commitment to customer centricity, ease and transparency seriously. Our technology was designed to ensure minimal resource requirements from you, the Merchant. We have designed a simple plug-in that can integrate into a variety of e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify, with ease. We have a full development team to help with any integration concerns that might arise, including supporting custom integrations. 

    To learn more about how Lazzypay works for Merchants and to get signed up, click here!

  • When will I be paid for an order?

    Settlements are triggered when the order is approved by Lazzypay and are processed as per the following:

    • Settlement payments will be made based on the agreed settlement processing time (typically within 2 business days).
    • An email is sent to the Merchant account email address (if configured) summarizing the total settlement payment amount to be paid.  Emails are not sent if there are no amounts due to the Merchant.
    • We combine orders with the same settlement date into one settlement, so orders placed on the same day will be settled on the same day.
    • Lazzypay Platform Fees are calculated and deducted from the amount to be paid to the Merchant at settlement.
    • Settlement disbursements to Merchants are made via bank transfer or as agreed with Merchant.

    You can always clearly track the dates your settlements will occur within your Merchant Portal on the "Reports" tab.

  • How do I know my Platform Fee?

    Your Platform Fee is listed in your Merchant Agreement. The Platform Fee covers all the fraud, chargeback and repayment risk that Lazzypay absorbs, as well as the cost of processing your Shopper’s four instalments.

    You can see the Platform Fee that has been deducted from all your orders on the "My Orders" page. We automatically deduct the Platform Fee when we process the order, so you never have to worry about paying us directly or sending in a bill at the end of the month !

  • What if my Shopper wants to change or return their orders?

    Whether your Shopper wants to return, cancel, exchange, or modify their order, we ask that they reach out to you directly. Keeping true to our partnership style, we will never interfere with your delivery or modification of orders. Whether you issue full refunds, keep a restocking fee, or just issue store credit is entirely up to you.

    Should the situation warrant a refund, we will process whatever refund you issue. Platforms such as Magento and Shopify have a seamless Lazzypay integration that allows you to issue a refund from within those platforms and then have the refund sync back to your Lazzypay account. Refunds are then subtracted from your next Settlement. You can always see complete details on your refunds on the "Refunds” tab.

    You will never have to worry about a Shopper’s payment schedule with us. You can issue a refund as though a customer has paid in full, as per your normal processes. We will handle adjusting their repayment plan for you! We are unable to reverse or alter refunds once they have begun processing. Please remember that you should never refund cash to your customers in relation to any amounts paid to Lazzypay.

  • Which e-commerce platforms can Lazzypay support?

    Lazzypay is currently available on the following platforms for easy plug-in

    • Magento
    • Shopify
    • WooCommerce
    • OpenCart
    • Custom API

    Our team is also available to assist with custom integrations tailored to your specific e-commerce platform.

  • How are refunds handled in Lazzypay?

    We will never interfere with your delivery of goods and services, including when handling refunds or returns. Lazzypay will direct all inquiries from your Shoppers regarding the return of goods. Lazzypay will never issue a refund on behalf of a Merchant.

    The Merchant must complete a refund request via your e-commerce platform for Lazzypay to process any refund.

    • Lazzypay will determine how to apply the refund to the Shopper’s order and adjust their payment schedule accordingly to reflect the refund issued.
    • Lazzypay will process amounts back to the Shopper in the instances where the Shopper has made payments to Lazzypay already.
    • An email will be sent from Lazzypay to the Shopper to confirm the refund has been processed and their payment schedule will be appropriately adjusted.
    • Any refunds will be accounted for in your next settlement date. Refund amounts will be clearly identified as such in the detailed daily settlement report.
    • Once a refund has been issued, Lazzypay is not able to reverse or change this action.

    Please remember that you should never refund cash to your customers in relation to any amounts paid to Lazzypay. We will adjust all balances on our side. You will be bound by the terms of your agreement with Lazzypay as to how you deal with exchanges, returns and refunds.

  • How do I sign up with Lazzypay as a Merchant?

    You can get started with Lazzypay by simply following this link. You can also contact our Sales Department via phone at +973 17678001 or email at

  • What currencies are accepted in the Lazzypay Checkout?

    Lazzypay currently accepts BHD at checkout. Additional currencies will be enabled in the near future.

  • What is the Lazzypay Shop Directory?

    All Lazzypay Merchants are hosted on our easy to use Shop Directory. The Shop Directory provides a single location whereby Lazzypay customers can discover your store and navigate straight to your website. In this way, the Lazzypay Shop Directory acts as another highly lucrative customer acquisition channel for Lazzypay Merchants.

  • How can I see what orders Lazzypay has settled?

    In order to ensure a seamless experience for you, we email out a daily settlement report, which gives you a complete list of all your orders through the Lazzypay platform. The email is sent automatically and requires no work on your part. Additionally, you can find a complete list of all your orders on the Merchant Dashboard. Just sign in to your account here.

  • How do I get my store added to the Lazzypay Shop Directory?

    Once you are approved as a Lazzypay Merchant, we will automatically include a link to your website on our Shop Directory.

  • My Shopper is having an issue related to Lazzypay. How do I help them?

    While we understand wanting to help your Shoppers get their questions answered, though due to privacy concerns we are unable to provide specific information to anyone but the Shopper directly.

    We always recommend Shoppers reach out to us at and provide the phone number they used at sign up. That way we can find their account and get them the right information. You can also point them to our Shopper FAQ, which will have the answers to many of their questions! They can access the Shopper FAQ by going to this link.

  • What are Lazzypay Widgets and how do they help?

    Lazzypay Widgets are the price breakdowns that communicate to Shoppers how much less they would spend today if they checkout with Lazzypay. Lazzypay Widgets can be found both on product pages and within the shopping cart.

    Lazzypay Widgets give your customers the confidence to add more to their cart while sticking to a budget and building responsible spending habits. Stores with Lazzypay Widgets are proven to show an even greater increase in sales, basket size, and conversion rates when compared to stores without Lazzypay Widgets.

    Our widgets adopt the look and feel of your website to remain on brand for you and to provide a truly seamless customer experience. Once you're onboarded with us, you will find instructions for installing Lazzypay Widgets within your Setup Checklist.

  • My Shopper was charged, but I cannot see their order.

    If your Shopper is saying that they were charged, but you don't see any record of their order on your e-commerce platform or within your Lazzypay account (under the "Orders'' page), you’re likely seeing a pre-authorization charge, which is just a temporary hold on the funds. You can see the order in the merchant portal with status “Opened”, once you authorize the order amount will be captured. Authorization request will be automatically released by the payment processor in 7 days.

    Nearly every card processor will pre-authorize funds for a transaction, and when the transaction does not complete, those pre-authorizations are automatically removed.

    If you do see that the order came through to your Lazzypay Merchant account, but you can't find it in your e-commerce platform, please reach out to us at so that we can investigate further.

  • How does Lazzypay make money?

    Our platform operates by charging the Merchant a Platform Fee. For additional information on your specific fee, contact our sales department via phone at +973 17678001 or email at Settlement with Merchants is done on weekly basis and is completely automated, so you never have to worry about paying another monthly bill. We provide a complete set of reports to make it as easy as possible for you to track your sales and transactions through the platform.

  • How do I cancel an order?

    Lazzypay’s integration with platforms like Magento and Shopify allow you to cancel an order from within those platforms and have the refund sync back to your Lazzypay account. Refunds are then subtracted from your next settlement, and can always be seen on your "Refunds" tab. Regardless of how much the customer has paid, please issue a refund as though they have paid in full. We will handle adjusting their repayment plan for you!

  • When will Lazzypay settle with me?

    Settlement payments are triggered from the time the order is approved by Lazzypay and are processed as per the following:

    • Settlement payments will be made based on the agreed settlement processing time (typically within 7 business days).
    • An email is sent to the Merchant account email address (if configured) summarizing the total settlement payment amount to be paid.
    • Lazzypay platform fees are calculated and deducted from the amount to be paid to the Merchant at settlement.

    Settlement disbursement to Merchants are made via bank transfer or as agreed with Merchant.

  • Can I modify an existing order?

    In order to prevent fraud, once Lazzypay has approved an order, the order details and order value cannot be changed.

    You, the Merchant, will be able to issue partial or full refunds if items are not in stock or cannot be fulfilled for any reason. However, Lazzypay does not support the addition of items to an order.

    The Shopper will need to place a new and separate order for the new items. Alternatively, the Shopper can cancel the previous order and raise a new order for all the items if they wish to use Lazzypay to pay for the new items in the same payment schedule.

  • What are some ways to promote Lazzypay?

    Our Sales and Marketing department has extensive experience partnering with merchants to optimize Lazzypay promotion. There are many different ways to promote Lazzypay to your Shoppers! We can work with you directly on developing an effective plan. Here are a few strategies that we recommend:

    • Start out with a promotion to your recent abandoned checkouts, letting them know about the benefits of Lazzypay. This can encourage Shoppers that may have abandoned checkout due to high price to return and complete their orders.
    • Add us to your Instagram header. We love Instagram, and so do our users.
    • Post about your addition of Lazzypay to your Instagram audience. Announcement posts, product posts with Lazzypay price breakdowns, and even just adding the Lazzypay logo to your normal posts are all ways to let your customers know about Lazzypay!
    • Add a banner ad about Lazzypay to your homepage. This can be something small, like a text banner at the top of the page, or something bigger, like a graphic!
    • Add Lazzypay Widgets to your product page (ie something that costs BHD 20 will present as "4 cost free payments of BHD 5 with Lazzypay"). This helps your customers understand just how little they could pay at checkout!

    Additionally, we will work with you to promote your brand to our own consumer base in order to generate incremental traffic and new customers to your website. You can utilize some of our premade graphics and email templates. These will allow you to quickly and easily get the word out to your customers, so they can start enjoying all the benefits of Lazzypay.

  • Can I set a minimum order amount?

    Lazzypay has a minimum default order amount of BHD 20.

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