Why is my order not approved?

perform assessments and fraud checks throughout the process. In order to continue to deliver the service to you without charging additional fees, we cannot approve 100% of all orders. Our approval models take into account many different factors. If you are not approved, then there a few things to consider:

  1. Do you meet all the eligibility criteria set out in our Terms and Conditions?
  2. Do you have sufficient funds to pay the first 25% instalment at checkout?
  3. How long have you been using Lazzypay?
    • If it is your first time, we have to be extra cautious to prevent misuse
    • If you are a returning customer, your historical repayments and number of ongoing instalments are taken into account. Increasing usage and paying on time means your likelihood of approval remains high!
  4. What is the overall value of your new order? If the order amount is too high, it might be going over your limit. Reducing this amount may help.
  5. How many payment methods are linked to your account? The more valid payment methods you add to your account, the more we understand your repayment capability.

Please note that we assess each purchase order individually and this takes into account a variety of factors. As such, you could be declined from a specific merchant today but approved by that same merchant tomorrow by changing your order, or a different merchant today.

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