What happens if the automatic payment fails?

We will send you a reminder email before we collect the instalment, which gives you time to manage the payment or select an alternative payment method. In case the automatic payment fails, we will notify you by email and you will have 24 hours to add a valid payment method.

If we are unable to collect the instalment after 24 hours due to an invalid payment method, we will then have to apply a late fee of BHD 2. If there is another late payment on the same order, a second late fee of BHD 2 is charged. Late fees are capped at 25% of the total order price or BHD 4, whichever is lower.

We don’t like charging any fees as we want Lazzypay to be completely free for you. We know you don’t like paying late fees either, so if you feel something went wrong, please contact us at hello@lazzypay.com immediately.

In any event, Lazzypay will hold further purchases and your account will be deactivated until all missed payments are cleared. We do this to ensure responsible use of the platform for everyone.

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