What are some ways to promote Lazzypay?

Our Sales and Marketing department has extensive experience partnering with merchants to optimize Lazzypay promotion. There are many different ways to promote Lazzypay to your Shoppers! We can work with you directly on developing an effective plan. Here are a few strategies that we recommend:

  • Start out with a promotion to your recent abandoned checkouts, letting them know about the benefits of Lazzypay. This can encourage Shoppers that may have abandoned checkout due to high price to return and complete their orders.
  • Add us to your Instagram header. We love Instagram, and so do our users.
  • Post about your addition of Lazzypay to your Instagram audience. Announcement posts, product posts with Lazzypay price breakdowns, and even just adding the Lazzypay logo to your normal posts are all ways to let your customers know about Lazzypay!
  • Add a banner ad about Lazzypay to your homepage. This can be something small, like a text banner at the top of the page, or something bigger, like a graphic!
  • Add Lazzypay Widgets to your product page (ie something that costs BHD 20 will present as “4 cost free payments of BHD 5 with Lazzypay”). This helps your customers understand just how little they could pay at checkout!

Additionally, we will work with you to promote your brand to our own consumer base in order to generate incremental traffic and new customers to your website. You can utilize some of our premade graphics and email templates. These will allow you to quickly and easily get the word out to your customers, so they can start enjoying all the benefits of Lazzypay.

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