What are Lazzypay Widgets and how do they help?

Lazzypay Widgets are the price breakdowns that communicate to Shoppers how much less they would spend today if they checkout with Lazzypay. Lazzypay Widgets can be found both on product pages and within the shopping cart.

Lazzypay Widgets give your customers the confidence to add more to their cart while sticking to a budget and building responsible spending habits. Stores with Lazzypay Widgets are proven to show an even greater increase in sales, basket size, and conversion rates when compared to stores without Lazzypay Widgets.

Our widgets adopt the look and feel of your website to remain on brand for you and to provide a truly seamless customer experience. Once you’re onboarded with us, you will find instructions for installing Lazzypay Widgets within your Setup Checklist.

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