Shoppers are trying to checkout with Lazzypay but it’s just sending them back to the payment selection screen.

If your Shoppers see Lazzypay as an option, but are not redirected to our site, it’s likely a problem with your API keys. Please ensure both the public and the private API keys that we provide in your Lazzypay account match those in your e-commerce portal account (ie Shopify/Magento).

First, get your API keys by clicking here, and log into your e-commerce dashboard (ie Shopify/Magento). We recommend having two tabs open, one for Lazzypay and one for Shopify/Magento since you’ll need to go back and forth.

In your Shopify/Magento dashboard, navigate to “Settings,” “Payment Methods,” “Alternative Payment Methods,” and then click “Edit” next to Lazzypay. Paste both the public and the private API keys from our site into Shopify/Magento (it’s normal for the private key to turn into dots). Once you save the changes, we recommend trying a test checkout to make sure that you get redirected to the Lazzypay login screen after completing the order. Once that happens, your checkout is fully functional. You do not need to actually sign up and place an order.

We are always here to help and have a full technical staff on standby to help with any issues you might be experiencing. If you’d prefer, please reach out to us at or at our phone number +973 17678001.

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