My Shopper was charged, but I cannot see their order.

If your Shopper is saying that they were charged, but you don’t see any record of their order on your e-commerce platform or within your Lazzypay account (under the “Orders” page), you’re likely seeing a pre-authorization charge, which is just a temporary hold on the funds. You can see the order in the merchant portal with status “Opened”, once you authorize the order amount will be captured. Authorization request will be automatically released by the payment processor in 7 days.

Nearly every card processor will pre-authorize funds for a transaction, and when the transaction does not complete, those pre-authorizations are automatically removed.

If you do see that the order came through to your Lazzypay Merchant account, but you can’t find it in your e-commerce platform, please reach out to us at so that we can investigate further.

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