How do instalments by Lazzypay work?

Instalments by Lazzypay enables you, the shopper, to Shop Now and Pay Later in four equal instalments. Lazzypay empowers you to select the repayment plan of your choosing, with equal instalments paid either every two weeks or every month. As always, there is no interest, no processing costs and no hidden costs.

Just shop at one of your favorite stores listed in our  Lazzypay Shop Directory and choose “Lazzypay: Shop Now, Pay Later” as your payment method at checkout. First-time shoppers will need to create an account with Lazzypay. Returning shoppers simply make their purchase. It’s that easy!

After the purchase is complete, you can log into your Lazzypay account at any time to see your payment schedule or to make a payment before the due date. To make things easy on you, we will automatically process the upcoming payment from your linked debit/credit card either biweekly or monthly, based on the plan you select.

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to payments, so we will send you email reminders before any instalment is collected to ensure you’re always in the know.

Some important fine print:

Lazzypay cannot approve 100% of orders. Our commitment to our customers is to support responsible spending and to protect and prevent any misuse of your account.

We have engineered algorithms that process a variety of inputs when deciding to approve an order. Some of these inputs include:

  • If there are sufficient funds on your credit/debit card
  • Minimum spend of BHD 20
  • Length of time you have been using Lazzypay
  • Amount you have to repay. Normally, it may help to pay off some old balances (not a guarantee)
  • The value of the order you are trying to place. Normally, it may help to reduce the value of your shopping cart (not a guarantee)
  • Adding an additional valid credit card (not a guarantee)
  • The number of orders you currently have ‘open’ with us

We understand it can be frustrating to not know exactly how much you can spend each time or how many active orders you can have at the same time. These approval processes are in place to help Lazzypay responsibly offer a completely free service to shoppers. Again, we’re here to help! If you ever have questions, please reach out to us at .

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