In which direction does the left side of the graph of this function point?f(x) = 3x^3– x^2 + 4x - 2

Accepted Solution

Answer:Down. Step-by-step explanation:ƒ(x) = 3x³ - x² + 4x - 2 "They" are asking you to determine the end behaviour of the function, that is, what happens to the function as x ⟶ -∞. The important point to remember is that, when x is large enough, the term of highest degree (the x³ term) will be so large that you can ignore all the other terms. If x is large and negative,  f(x) ≈ 3(-x)³ = 3(-1)³(x)³= -3x³ Thus, the graph is in the third quadrant and the graph points down. The figure below shows the graph of your function. It points sharply down on the left-hand side.