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Windows 10 redstone 5.All the biggest new features coming in Windows 10 October 2018 Update

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Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that it is almost at the end of the development of Windows 10 Redstone 5 – the upcoming version of the desktop operating нажмите для деталей slated for an October release.

After almost five months, the company has finally dropped the ISO images windows 10 redstone 5 Windows 10 Insiders who have been testing this upcoming version of Windows Since March 27 when the company released Windows 10 Redstone 4 ISO images, Microsoft is today dropping the first ISO images of the Windows 10 version that has been under development for nearly six months. Windows 10 Redstone 5 ISO files are available for the following builds:. The company is currently on Redstone 5 build and concurrently testing Windows edition with build windows 10 redstone 5 However, looking at the available options, we can currently only see Home, Enterprise, and Home China.

You can head over to this link and choose the correct file from the drop-down menu to download the ISO file. To be able to download the above files, you will first need to follow these steps to get yourself enrolled in the Windows Insider Program. Upload Date Windows 10 redstone 5 Count Rating.

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On this page, we have collated all the changes and new features brought by all Windows 10 Redstone 5 Version insider builds so far.

You can bookmark this page to refer back to see the collated changelog for Windows 10 Redstone 5 Version Microsoft has started pushing Windows 10 Redstone 5 now.

The roll-out will however be in phases and it will take around 2 months for the update to become available for everyone.

Here is how you can install the update right now on your PC. You can read about common issues and fixes related to Windows 10 Version aka October update by clicking here. Hope you enjoyed World Emoji Day , last week! Including superheroes, redheads, a softball, a pirate flag and a llama all made the cut. If you have any feedback about our emoji and emoji typing experiences, please let us know! Today we are excited to announce that we are adding the ability to peer into your physical environment through Flashlight — without removing your headset!

With the latest Windows Insider Program build, you can open a portal into your real world at any time via the Start menu, a button shortcut, or a voice command.

This opens a low-latency pass-through camera feed connected to your controller. Flashlight finally allows you to mix your physical and virtual realities. In the past, fonts in Windows have always been installed for all users.

Because that is a system-wide change, it always required admin privilege. The need for an admin was reflected in the user interface. In the Windows 10 feature update, we introduced fonts in the Microsoft Store. To enable that capability, we needed to make changes deep in Windows to allow a font to be installed for a specific user rather than system-wide. Often font files come within a compressed folder that is, a.

In the past, the button in the font previewer had the security badge, and it would do a system-wide install, requiring an admin. SwiftKey gives you more accurate autocorrections and predictions by learning your writing style — including the words, phrases and emoji that matter to you.

Please take a moment to try typing and shapewriting on the touch keyboard in this build and let us know what you think.

But what do you do if you need to copy the same few things again and again? How do you copy content across your devices? Not only can you can paste from the clipboard history, but you can also pin the items you find yourself using all the time. This history is roamed using the same technology which powers Timeline and Sets, which means you can access your clipboard across any PC with this build of Windows or higher.

Note: Roamed text on the clipboard is only supported for clipboard content less than kb. As many of you know, we added dark theme support to Windows based on your feedback. Along the way, we also added dark theme support to the File Explorer context menu, as well as the Common File Dialog aka the Open and Save dialogs. When you install this build, you will see some unexpected light colors in File Explorer and the Common File Dialog.

The new modern snipping experience is here to help you effortlessly capture and annotate what you see on your screen. Screen Sketch is now an app! Easy snipping is only a single step away. Want more, though?

Guess what! You will need an updated version to receive the ability to crop screenshots. Sets is designed to make sure that everything related to your task: relevant webpages, research documents, necessary files, and applications, is connected and available to you in one click. Starting today in RS5 builds, we have turned the Sets experiment back on so any Insider who has opted into Skip Ahead will be able to try out Sets. Additional app integration with Sets is expected over time.

When you click the plus button in a Sets window, you will now see apps included in your frequent destinations list. As always, thanks again for the great feedback — keep it coming! This link will take you to the Sets section of the Feedback Hub. Sets with Office makes it easy to group, recall, and refresh data sources for all your projects. Whether updating your Excel budget each month with stock prices and credit card expenses, incorporating data from multiple reports and websites into a PowerPoint, or managing citations for your book report in Word, Sets with Office helps you get more done, faster.

You must be an Office subscriber running the latest version of the Office desktop apps for the Sets experience to light up. Sets should return in days or upon the next reboot of your PC.

Drag and drop app tabs within and between Sets windows is now supported: It works just like it sounds! You can now drag an app tab around within the Set or combine tabbed app windows into Sets. To start with, you no longer need to hold CTRL on the new tab page to launch a File Explorer window in a tab this was a temporary necessity with the last wave. Our inbox text controls are now taking advantage of the new CommandBarFlyout control.

This allows a number of exciting improvements including:. The controls affected in this first update will be:. With Build you will notice new acrylic backgrounds in places on the system using these controls — for example when you right-click open apps in Task View. Apps using the SDK for this build or higher will see this change by default as well. Windows is transforming the networking stack after 20 years through the Net Adapter framework.

This framework introduces a new, more reliable, network driver model that inherits the goodness of the Windows driver framework while bringing an accelerated data path. If your PC supports Mobile Broadband, i. Here is what you need to do:. Step 2 : Install this build Build and higher and setup cellular connectivity. Click Next. Step 5 : For Internet access, try using cellular network primarily by turning off Wi-Fi.

Learn more about the new Microsoft Edge policies. Our customers remain protected thanks to modern standards like Content Security Policy , which provide more powerful, performant, and secure mechanisms to protect against content injection attacks, with high compatibility across modern browsers. This logo only will be seen on Insider preview builds. As we continue to evolve how Microsoft Edge leverages the Fluent Design System for a more natural and usable experience, you may notice some subtle tweaks to the look of the tab bar in Microsoft Edge.

Last but not least , this build breaks Settings out into subpages by category, with better-organized options and less clutter on each page.

The new Settings experience is designed to match the experience in the Microsoft Edge hub, for a quicker and more familiar experience. One common piece of Insider feedback for Microsoft Edge is that you want more control over autoplay videos.

When you take new Windows 10 updates, your WebDriver binary will be automatically updated to match. You can learn all about these changes over at the Microsoft Edge Dev Blog. Web Authentication provides an open, scalable, and interoperable solution to facilitate authentication, which replaces passwords with stronger hardware-bound credentials. This also means that the standalone download will no longer be made available for insiders or future stable versions of Windows, as installation is now built into Windows.

We are now shipping bit Microsoft WebDriver to x64 machines. To work around this issue, target and build 64bit from Visual Studio.

In a future build, we plan to publish both 32bit and 64bit binaries in our FoD for 64bit machines, which should address this issue. The menu options are now organized into groups, with icons for each entry, and keyboard shortcuts where applicable.

Leap Second Support — Windows will now support these occasional 1-second adjustments in a traceable and UTC-compliant manner. Once UTC has diverged by at most.

Since the practice of inserting leap seconds began in , a leap second has typically occurred every 18 months. Precision Time Protocol — For the highest accuracy environments, you can now improve your time accuracy by leveraging a new time protocol that delivers far more accurate time samples to the endpoint Windows Server or Windows 10, host or virtual machine.

Software Timestamping — You can now further improve your network time accuracy by eliminating the software delay introduced by the Windows networking stack. For a full write up with more details about these new improvements, please see our announcement here. This feature uses the light sensor on your device to detect your ambient light, and automatically adjusts your video accordingly. In order for this feature to work, your device must have a light sensor.

There are a couple different ways you can check:. Currently, not all devices have light sensors that are well-calibrated. If you are on a device where video looks really, really bad with this setting on, please let us know via the Feedback Hub! Starting with the Creators Update we embarked on a journey to help you automatically clean up storage when low on disk space.

In this flight are the following new features:. New options are now available for Game Mode that are expected to improve the gaming experience on desktop PCs. Find software downloads faster in Search! The team is continuing to develop this experience and more is coming. Check out the example below, and let us know what you think! Starting with this build you can stream audio to both the headset and the PC speakers simultaneously.

You may also notice some new error codes in Mixed Reality Portal to be more specific to certain failures. The Mixed Reality Portal app will also begin updating through the Store as we make infrastructure changes over the next several releases to support faster updates of mixed reality. We have introduced a new Region page that allows overrides to default regional format settings such as Calendar, First day of the week, Dates, Times, and Currency.

Local Experience Packs are Microsoft Store apps that deliver Windows display language quality improvements. You can now access them easily via the Settings App.


Windows 10 redstone 5 –


Not much time has elapsed since Windows 10 April Update, previously known as Redstone 4, was released, windows 10 redstone 5 Redstone 5, a new major update for Windows 10, is on its way. By all accounts, it is reddstone to be a great success.

So, it is time you got to know this all-singing, all-dancing brainchild of Microsoft. Anyway, Redstone 5 is your soon-to-be OS windows 10 redstone 5, right?

Redstonee, the more you know about it, the better. /18142.txt indeed, there are some features included that are really worth anticipating. The exact Redstone 5 release date is yet to be announced, but it has been confirmed for the Windows 10 redstone 5, By the way, the tentative Redstone 5 release date tempts us into guessing at what the official release name for the windows 10 redstone 5 might be.

As such, we как сообщается здесь there is a high chance that Wndows 5 will become October or November Update. The good news is, it comes for free. Anyway, Redstone 4 is free as well, so we hope that is sort of a trend and Microsoft will keep making such generous moves. So, what is new in Windows 10 Redstone 5? What makes it such a coveted novelty? The point is, it is packed full of cutting-edge features, useful enhancements and critical developments.

As you might already know, we put security first, so small wonder our first focus is on the new winndows features that are to be delivered with Redstone 5. Well, keeping names short and simple is a winning strategy, we agree.

However, the most exciting thing is the new Block suspicious behaviours feature, which is designed to stop malicious actions performed by apps and files.

Furthermore, it is now easier to manage your apps and continually keep your OS safe and secure. Besides, the Ransomware protection feature allows you to recover data from the windods that have been infected with ransomware. The thing is, there is a new page called Security providers in the Settings section — it windows 10 redstone 5 you to see and open all the security tools, such windows 10 redstone 5 antivirus solutions, firewalls, and web security products, that are running on your personal computer.

Also, windows 10 redstone 5 web security becomes better: Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge is now faster and more powerful. It is easier to tweak windoww well since it has a new interface embedded in Windows Security. As you can see, Microsoft invested in improved security features for your Windows 10, and yet you cannot overdo things when it comes to the safety of your computer. That is why we advise that you go a step further and install Auslogics Anti-Malware : this powerful and intuitive tool will add an extra layer of protection to your defense lines so that you can rest assured that no threat is hanging over your system.

Redstone 5 includes plenty of useful features that can make you more winxows. For example, syncing is invaluable since it saves you на этой странице lot of time and effort. It allows wiindows to sync your clipboard experience across your devices via the cloud or clear it with just one click on the Clear button if need be. Searching for things in Windows redsotne become easier. For instance, now you can see search previews with relevant information about the websites, apps, and files you are looking for and enjoy a windowa interface designed for better accessibility.

The File Explorer menu now enables you to open Linux Shell and eindows things by size filters more thoroughly and therefore effectively. It is now easier to screenshot your screen sections and entire screen and use handwriting for text entry — those are windows 10 redstone 5 handy features. This means you can migrate data from your iOS or Android mobile device to your PC windowws actually redsfone for your smartphone.

This way you can also check your notifications and manage your text messages. Now you can type more efficiently: the new Typing insights feature gets Microsoft Artificial Intelligence to provide you windows 10 redstone 5 typing info so that you can enhance your writing skills. Notepad has been updated for better experience.

Yep, it is a more convenient tool now. For example, you can search with Bing in the Notepad environment. In addition, you can open files created on Linux or Mac — and they will look the way they are supposed to. Last but not least, there is a new version of Skype involved in Redstone 5. You will find it easier to personalize the продолжить thanks to new themes and group call features.

Calling experience and screen sharing have been improved. Accessing windows 10 redstone 5 Skype contacts winddows now much simpler, and windows 10 redstone 5 can now take snapshots during a call.

There is also the awesome Activity recommendations option, which helps windows 10 redstone 5 gedstone back to wlndows you left off when iwndows from one device to another — that may come in extremely handy for those always on the go. Посетить страницу источник has redtone new sound settings — ears open! You should go to your Sound settings page and locate the Device properties section.

There you can select your spatial audio format as well as name and disable your devices. Then go back to Sound and proceed to Manage sound devices. There feel free to test or disable your output or input devices. Redstone 5 has improved storage settings. You can run Storage sense to free up valuable space on your PC.

Just select the new During low free disk space option windows 10 redstone 5 the drop-down menu under Run storage sense. And if you do not use some portion of your OneDrive content, you can make it available only online by using the Windows 10 redstone 5 available cloud content option, windows 10 redstone 5 saving space on your computer. Then select the option you consider appropriate from the drop-down menu.

Your region and language setting pages are now separate, and you can opt for more detailed configurations. And the list goes on. Now you do not need elevated privileges to install fonts for a specific user account on your PC.

Just right-click on the file and select Install. If you wish to install the font for all accounts, click Install for all users — you will need administrative rights then. That reminds us, you can install fonts from anywhere now. One of the greatest things about Redstone 5 is читать статью it actually cares. Indeed, troubleshooting has been brought to a whole new level. Just invoke your Settings app, go to Troubleshoot and navigate to the Recommended troubleshooting option.

This new feature makes your Windows fix issues automatically перейти you do not need to puzzle over a specific problem redxtone hours and then troubleshoot windows 10 free manually. In addition, Microsoft has improved the Diagnostic Data Viewer application.

An winows to view Problem Reports and their windosw is a case in point. The Registry editor has been updated as well. For example, now you get help with completing the path thanks to a new dropdown. Redstone refstone is certain to prove a real boon to passionate gamers because this update introduces a new Game bar and an improved version windows 10 pro disable windows store gpo free Game Mode.

Your Game bar now ссылка you to select your default audio output device and adjust the volume of your apps and games. To improve your game performance, you can пост, windows 10 developer mode package free ВСЁ use of Game Mode. Just toggle the Dedicate redshone option to On in your Game bar, and 110 Mode will make your PC focus on providing the best possible gaming experience.

Redstone 5 windowws intuitive, good looking and capable of pleasing even those who are quite demanding on visual components. For instance, thanks to the option Make everything bigger, you посмотреть еще literally do that.

It is windoes a good idea to increase text size across the system windows 10 redstone 5 your Display settings section — we жмите sure that your window will reedstone you for that. What is нажмите чтобы перейти, there is windows 10 redstone 5 new setting under the name Adjust video based on lighting, which is designed to help you watch videos in bright environments.

The emojis now look a bit different. It is a matter of taste anyway. And there is windows 10 redstone 5 dark theme for File Explorer windows 10 redstone 5 — windows 10 redstone 5 last! But the most striking experience is, of course, Fluent Design. It is more acrylic now, it has more depth and more shadows.

Pretty stylish. Those who use Edge should rejoice: the browser has received its portion of updates and improvements. Please welcome an updated main menu with new items, a customizable toolbar, and dindows redesigned settings page.

Now it is much easier to organize your tabs in groups, manage your downloads, refresh the Books pane, and choose the scale of your Redstne printouts.

Finally, as we have already said, Edge is more secure now. It promotes better web redstlne — now you can use PINs, security keys and even your biometrics to authenticate to websites in a safer way. That said, your browser is never too safe. The по этому адресу Internet is swarming with threats, so enhancing your privacy is a must these days. Thus, you can use Auslogics BoostSpeed to protect your sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, from getting into the wrong hands and maximize your system performance.

Those were the reasons why Redstone /23953.txt is so important. The list above is by no means exhaustive: more developments and improvements have yet to be confirmed. We are sure you will make even more out of the update in question. For now, we can just wait. However, it is essential to prepare your system for what is coming this fall: make sure to update all your drivers — otherwise, recstone are running a risk of getting bugs, glitches and malfunctions instead of embracing progress.

We strongly advise you to use Auslogics Driver Updater : this tool will update all your drivers to their latest versions resdtone just one click. Your email address will rddstone be published. Ad blockers may interfere with some important blog features, such as comments, images, windows 10 redstone 5. Please consider disabling your ad blocker so you can have the best experience on this website. Alexandra Bagratian 17 July – 8 min read.


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