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Click here and get The Ask Leo! Become a Patron of Ask Leo! Those programs either install the redistributables they need, or ask you to do so. These are collections of pre-written software allowing them to avoid rewriting common sequences of code. Instead, they use this collection of pre-written and thoroughly tested software. Rather than requiring every program needing this function to write it from scratch, the standard library includes such a function, ready to go.

Both may be needed. Much like the. NET Framework , you can end up with more than one version on your machine. I have no idea if you need them. I have no idea if you need just one or two or all of the several versions possibly installed on your machine. If the software installed on your machine needs them, you need them.

In an ideal world, uninstalling the last software package requiring a particular version of the redistributables would also uninstall it. My position is no. This will leave your machine with only the redistributables you need, installed by the applications you use. Subscribe to Confident Computing! Less frustration and more confidence, solutions, answers, and tips in your inbox every week. Download right-click, Save-As Duration: — A simple though not foolproof way of checking if a file is needed or used is to rename it.

If after a few days or weeks of using your computer there have been no problems it might indicate that the file is not being used and could be deleted. Good freaking idea! I am very comfortable operating computers. But I still have brain Frys like the best of em :P. A few years ago when I was clueless about computers I decided to clean things up. Took my friendly geek hours to fix things up. There was NO warning when the software was removed that it was needed by another application.

Each application failed to startup with an initialization error that was totally useless in terms of pinpointing the problem. I like the previous idea of renaming the folder where the software you are considering resides.

BUT, in my case, this would not have helped as I very rarely use the software that broke. I can live with that. I use Revo Uninstaller to remove unnecessary remnants from a de-installation. I have been having problems with HotMail.

Slow, cursor misbehaves, and lots of connection problems. Last night I removed all the Windows Live aps and installed Chrome. Now HotMail is much more responsive and the connection issues have vanished.

It was not a disk space issue. It was a performance issue. Maybe other readers have had the same experience with the Windows Live programs.

I e-mailed MS and got free!!! And, I was advised NOT to uninstall any versions I found lurking about as my system could go kerflunk depending on various bullstuff. For me, this is a strong argument for reinstalling windows every six to twelve months. It resets all your installed software so you can start again and be sure only the parts you or windows need are installed. Might sound like a lot of work, but with either two drives or a partitioned drive you can keep data on one drive and windows and applications on another.

All the garbage that gets installed by MickeySoft plus the detritus that various programs use… sometimes I think I should go back to a stone tablet, a mallet and chisel. Personally I keep data on a separate physical drive. Used to use a partitioned drive until things went haywire with a drive slowly starting to drive. Once bitten, twice shy is me.

Having now a Win 10 box operating system in on SSD and data on standard platter type. Works for Me. I install the latest version of Windows 10, make sure its up to date. Then use control panel to create a system image that I save to a external drive.

That way if I ever need to blow the OS away. I just restore to that image. If you use a lot of popular free apps, you can go to ninite. Doing that downloads a ninite. Every time you run ninite.

If you save that program along with your backups, you can run it on your newly refreshed system of install them on a different computer. That saves a lot of time. And they strip out any PUPs which may be included with some freeware.

External hard drives are large, cheap, readily available and easy to install and use. Just go to your nearest computer store, spend some money, and plug it in. Leo, I hear you loud and strong. I am from New Zealand and on a benefit, what Americans call welfare.

So money is tight for me… but I still managed to squirrel away enough money to buy a SSD and it has been the single most beneficial addition to any computer… from pressing the power button to being at the log in screen… 14 seconds on a Win 10 machine. I understand their necessity but if this acted like a regular program and just installed any updates to the one package each time, then I wouldnt have to scratch through the skin on my forehead any more.

I believe they are all independent libraries because they are only installed when they are needed. Including them all in one file would, in many cases, take up more space than only installing the libraries as needed. Even though they have similar names, it is indeed best to think of them as separate and unrelated. Naturally reality is much more complicated than that, but this is the net result. The cost of failure would be high, and the benefit very low. JmjmNZ What you are saying is true, except for hard drives being cheap.

The price went up to double or more due to the flooding in Thailand, and many people may need a temporary solution until the prices come down in a few to several months from now. VicTheChic A 64 bit computer is capable of running both 64 bit and 32 bit x86 applications. Therefore you need the distributables for both. Hello Leo, just wanted to leave a message about the ad in this page. I use Adblock Plus and that ad, the look and feel of it, is amazing. I am not being facetious, I have that adblocker to block big blinking eye catching banners, popups and I only hope the ads of tomorrow will take cues from yours.

I have no idea if you need just one or both. I am basic. I do not have an iphone nor do I intend to get one. I do not want programs on my little laptop that enable such items as they serve no purpose for me and I need the space for college.

Your explanation of visual C was was clear and to the point , thank you. I found a bunch of these things in my programes list and was shocked. Thanks again Leo. Your Newsletter signup is NOT working for me… When I tried my email address, twice the page fell over and I had to restart the process.. Please correct any mistakes in the address and try to subscribe again. If you see this message again, please use a different email address to subscribe.

Of course, I will not provide my other email address, as I have known of some sites in the past that try to get All the email addresses from a person and then turn them around to mailing lists. If you can add me, well and good; if not, well and good… Please let me know… Thank you, Steve. I uninstalled the first one before I read your warning not to do so. Since they are both the same version of the program, albeit with a slightly different size, can I assume that the second program is exactly the same as the first and will replace it if needed?

Or should I attempt to reinstall the first one? Thank you. Even if they are the same size, it might break something if removed. It generally better not to mess with duplicate system files. Whether or not you need to attempt to reinstall the one that you deleted it is unclear.

Typically if there is going to be a problem it will be a relatively severe problem in that a program will not run.


– Microsoft Visual Studio is Busy. Forever. – Daily Usage Issues – NCrunch Forum


Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I am getting this error everytime i run the solution 20 projs. I tried to disable the UI optionsresharper, deleted un used extensions etc. I am on VS Update 2 Enterprise version I have restarted VS several times, killed the process when i got that message and sometimes i stopped the app when i got that message.

I have also unloaded the projects that are not necessary for my task at this moment but still same problem. /29214.txt Visual Studio is waiting for an internal operation to complete. If you regularly encounter this delay during normal usage, please report this problem to Microsoft. I would suggest using ProcMon to check the details for all your devenv.

Here is visual studio 2015 microsoft visual studio is busy free screenshot of my previous findings:. I have run into a similar issues with a couple of solutions throughout the past few months myself and I visual studio 2015 microsoft visual studio is busy free the problem doesn’t actually rest with Visual Studio and the devenv process, but rather IISExpress. Stopping the local IISExpress from running and then reloading the solution should work. I was facing this issue in VS VS stuck with the busy message.

I have disconnected and then reconnect the WIFI internet and the message disappear. This problem happens if you have more than one instance because most of the time when we installing MSSQL it asks you to configure the integration part so if each instance configure differently at the time you open SSIS to create or open a project visual studio will get confused or becomes busy to select the configuration.

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Asked 6 years, 1 month ago. Modified 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed 12k times. I have also unloaded the projects that are not necessary for my task at this moment but still same problem Microsoft Visual Studio is waiting for an internal operation to complete.

Please advise if you have any solution to resolve this error. Improve this question. Vijaya Visual studio 2015 microsoft visual studio is busy free Vijaya Malla 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 10 10 bronze badges.

What is your question? Try restarting visual studio Is the process still running in the background? Try to close that too, if it is. Show 1 more comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Trending recent votes count more Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. I had the similar issue. I upgraded a solution from vs Improve this answer. Jayee Jayee 5 5 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges.

This works for me also, but is reappearing again and again Are there any details on why those files are problematic? First, identify which projects in your solution failed to load. Inspect that project files in the windows explorer. Delete unnecessary files if you notice any. This may not be the answer you are expecting but hope it helps. Also look at project output window for any messages or warnings, visual studio 2015 microsoft visual studio is busy free may find the root cause.

The problem is not that projects fail to load, but that the VS hangs, thus I cannot interact with it. This solved the issue for me. Not sure, why this hidden folder started creating the problem suddenly? Add a comment. I reset the iis and it worked fine. Didnt have to unload the projects either. There could be different reasons causing it.

Here is a screenshot of my previous ссылка на страницу We then know some class to load is not available for the solution to load.

Blaise Blaise I followed your advice and found the offending file. Can you look at my question here: stackoverflow. DeveryDay DeveryDay 14 14 bronze badges. Salim Visual studio 2015 microsoft visual studio is busy free Salim Lyoussi 2 приведу ссылку silver badges 7 7 bronze badges.

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Microsoft Visual Studio is busy waiting for an internal operation to complete – Harley NTek

Jul 20,  · Xamarin Starter Included in Visual Studio Xamarin is a great way to start building iOS and Android apps in C# or F# within Visual Studio. Microsoft and Xamarin have partnered together to include Xamarin Starter Edition as a free optional feature within Visual Studio developers are using Xamarin to increase the reach of. Sep 28,  · Keybase — a free collaboration app with built-in end-to-end encrypted chat, file sharing, git repositories, and more ; Lumeer – an easy visual collaborative tool to plan, organize and track anything, anywhere, anytime. Mattermost — a flexible, open-source messaging platform that meets even the most demanding privacy and security standards. Sep 07,  · Visual C++ is Microsoft’s implementation of that programming language. This includes the tools to convert (or “compile”) the code that programmers write in C++ into the “.exe”, “.dll”, and other files understood by Windows. Programmers who write software in Microsoft Visual C++ make use of what are called “standard libraries”.


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