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In the Software Company category. Visit this website. Most relevant. Mr Satyendra Urmalia progecad 2016 professional italiano free Indian reseller misbehaved with me after progedad full payment in their Bank Account. They did not send the Activation key upto progecad 2016 professional italiano free hours and then they sent trial Activation key valid for 7 days only.

Meanwhile they were extremely rude and abusive during the several telephonic conversations in between. Due to the above our work was held up and we had a lot of inconveniences. Date of experience: November 02, Reply from progeCAD. Please remove this. We did not sell you the software, we are the north american distributor and did not sell you the software. Progecad costs a fraction of Autocad, prpgecad don’t have to pay a monthly fee the license is perpetual and still it offers the same features as Autocad.

Date of experience: August 27, profesional Shalom I did freee the 1 month trial and looks ok BUT after purchase I discovered that I received something else, not the same porfessional.

One important function of import PDF is a very bad function and isn’t like in you tube tutorials. So take distant the product isn’t what you expect and the service and support ZERO. Date of progecad 2016 professional italiano free April 20, When I purchased the program, the salesman told me I would getting customer support and even gave me the number to call.

When the program crashes it also sends a message to the customer support team and there I also left messages for a call back So please, profdssional very progecad 2016 professional italiano free with this program and the company. Date graphics suite x8 free experience: November 19, Exactly as the reviewer said, this software has bugs.

Hatching is tricky, plotting is tricky the Mview windows ‘move’ when the plot command is sent. Nothing they will do progecad 2016 professional italiano free fix these issues, the moving drawing after progecad 2016 professional italiano free prrogecad command is there from the version. They will prfoessional fix the issues. What’s more, I put comments about this on their Youtube videos, they erased all my comments. Date of experience: April 28, Download of trial version went very well, no problems.

I have been an Autocad user since the beginning, when it ran on slow computers and the worst thing progecad 2016 professional italiano free could see on the screen was “Regenerating”, which I think means “Get coffee.

Purchase was easy, entering key caused no problems and software runs just like Autocad. Date of experience: May 24, I was faced with the purchase of a CAD program. Just being home based I couldn’t afford auto CAD. I searched and found ProgeCAD It was priced progecad 2016 professional italiano free so I tried the 30 day free trial. After just the second day I knew it was for me. Not only was it comparable with autocad, I found it easier to use.

Its layed out very nicely. I’m proud progecad 2016 professional italiano free I purchased it and will tell everyone about it. Date of experience: February 09, pdofessional Works well and good price, with identical ACAD command structure.

I’m running Win 10 64bit intel i cpu 2. Overall, fine for what I use it for occasional 2d construction drawings.

Date of experience: September 21, As a посмотреть еще architectural consultant for both private and public developments, our firm has been using progeCAD since and can recommend the version without progecad 2016 professional italiano free. It meets all of our design and construction documentation needs. All drawings are in. Great product! Date of experience: December 04, progecad 2016 professional italiano free I just got the program iCad I am trying to get someone in tech support and am not getting a response other than automated with no answers.

I am not happy that I can not work and get info when and how I need it. I do not work 8 to I am self employed and need to be able to get info when needed, not at iCad’s convenience. This is my first. Date of progecad 2016 professional italiano free May 07, Wasted a great deal of time trying to get some basic features to work.

Im running Win OS with graphics card. Older ProgeCad worked much better. Date of experience: November 14, Basic functionality is the same as much higher cost systems with added features not included in higher cost programs.

The library progecad 2016 professional italiano free 3D blocks could больше информации more extensive and more like ProgeCad.

Walls and 3D are not as extensive as ProgrCad. Great to work natively in OS X though. Date of experience: February 29, Have yet to get this Program to run properly in Windows Shuts down on Start-up, throwing an unrecognizeable error message.

The best support has come up with is to remove and re-install, and contact them during Italian hours only. What I see is that it keeps installing a bit version on my bit machine. Date of experience: December 17, Overall I the program serves my purposes in a full production environment as good if not better than AutoCAD and of course in a competitive world where you are chasing the buck price is hard to beat.

Date of experience: March 18, Our company switched to Progecad from Autocad LT. Wow, great product. We’ve found the same functionality, at a more than reasonable price. Additionally, after interacting with their customer service, I can say they have wonderful employees in addition to a wonderful product.

Date itzliano experience: May 10, Can’t Get по этому адресу to work with any 3d drawings sent from client. Send ti report, they answered quickly but the fix may or may not happen in and if I have to pay again to get a program that works I can assure you that will not happen.

Hoping to get a free fix soon. Date of experience: December 14, ProgeCAD has come a long ways since I bought my first version. The latest, version 17, is designed for 64 bit processors and it’s startup time shows it. It is faster than ever. It still has some problems working with 3D drawings but it is better than it used to be. Date of experience: May 13, The software is a good value, but you have to be willing to deal with some frustration.

Usually progecad 2016 professional italiano free is little problems that take a long time to get worked out. Unless installing on a fresh Windows install, you often deal with things not installing correctly, most often you get a “Error creating registry key: Code 5” for some components. For example, the PDF printer installation is notoriously frustrating in this way. Once you get past the pain of the installation, the basic operation is italianp stable and rivals AutoCAD which costs 10x more.

Date of experience: November 30, I have been using AutoCad since Version 14 it was a great program but it grew into a proggecad overweight program full of features that most people don’t need or use. The straw that broke the Camels back was AutoCad’s decision to end the stand читать больше license. I started looking for a work a like program that I could affort now that I am адрес and discovered ProgeCad It was an easy transition and all the features that I was accustomed to using страница AutoCad was there in ProgeCad.

Any questions that I about the program were answered the same day via email.

Try that with AC. Try the free trial and you will be surprised.



Progecad 2016 professional italiano free

In particular, each element has its own attributes that can be edited by the user at any stage. Click Save. Specify the x and y snap spacing. You control whether to create freehand sketches using line segments or polylines in the Drawing Settings dialog box.


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Onshape жмите are released directly to the web interface, and the software does not require maintenance work from the user. There is a list of all authors in Wikipedia. Login Email Address.

Sign In. Remember Me. Forgot Password? Top Links. Social Share. No results were found. Onshape The Onshape CAD system allows multiple users to access and work on a single design concurrently over the cloud, using any computer, tablet or phone. The Boston Globe. MAKE Magazine. Retrieved September 30, Design World. Retrieved November 10, Cambridge, Massachusetts: OnShape Inc. Archived from the original on August 5, September 24, CAD software. CAE software. This website uses tracking mechanisms by using technically not necessary cookies in order progecad 2016 professional italiano free offer and constantly improve its services, and to provide individual offers.

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