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– How to Insert a Watermark in Microsoft Word (Or Remove One)

Tips: If the text watermark makes it difficult to read the text on the page, increase the transparency of the watermark text, or select a lighter color for the watermark text. Resolved my issue. With the header section open, click the watermark to select it like any other object on the page. Resolved my issue. Any additional feedback? Can you help us improve?


– Microsoft word watermark 2016 free


Many people put watermarks on their word document for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons may be to stop the unauthorized use of the document on other platform to avoid plagiarism. There are also so many other reason for it bit the most concern from people is on how to put watermark in Word.

Realistically speaking, putting watermarks on any word document is easy but you have to read about how to put a watermark on a Word document to get it right. Like mentioned earlier, how to put a watermark in Word or should not be a problem with the right steps as seen below:. What if you are using other versions of Word document? Then how to put watermark in Word for instance will slightly differ. Check the steps below:. We have seen how to put watermark in Word, how then is it being put in PDF documents?

For the sake of clarity, it is important to understand the PDF technology and its benefits over word document. PDF is now a popular document format. In fact, it is almost impossible to avoid using a PDF document at some point in any of your dealings with documents over the internet. For instance, most office use PDF formats for document sharing purposes.

In addition, most official document online like tax forms are in PDF format. There is a reason why it is just almost avoidable and one of those reasons is document security. PDF is secured when compared to other document formats and this is because it is not ordinarily editable like word documents and also password protection can be applied on it. For this reason, it may require authorization or permission to even get it printed or modified. This makes it popular as individuals and businesses worry more about the security of their documents over the internet.

Other important advantage of PDF include the ability to be viewed from any platform or device, its compatibility and its ability to compact documents into smaller size to save space. Another important thing to note about PDF is that it is affordable when compared to other competitors. For instance, you can get PDFelement at a fraction of the cost of Adobe and that is why it is regarded as the most cost effective PDF and a worthy alternative to Adobe.

Learn the easiest steps to use each feature here. The steps shown in the early part of this article shows how to put a watermark on a Word document, what about PDF? See the simple steps below:. Use “Open File” button to select the file. From the watermark gallery, choose the appropriate watermark. On the bottom left, click on “Advanced Settings” If you need to enhance the size, placement and appearance.

Then Click on “OK”. Buy PDFelement right now! How to Put Watermark in Word. Audrey Goodwin. Audrey Goodwin chief Editor. Other Popular Articles From Wondershare.


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