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If they did care, it would be a different world. If nothing else — MS have just made everything far too confusing.


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Microsoft Program Licensing. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Share Email. Top clipped slide. Microsoft Product Licensing Apr. Download Now Download Download to read offline. Microsoft Product Licensing. Motty Ben Atia Follow. Security Solutions Architect at Taldor. Cut through Microsoft licensing complexity. Microsoft Volume Licensing Business. Microsoft Software Assurance. Microsoft Licensing and Benefits.

Microsoft Licensing Overview. Microsoft Product Licensing Basics. More Related Content Viewers also liked. Das 1×1 der Microsoft Lizenzierung. Microsoft Cloud Services Licensing. Microsoft Volume Licensing Basics.

Flex net manager for sap applications v9 1 presentation. License Position Snapshot Service. Dissertation in Salesforce on Force. Testting application with a presentation downloaded from the internet. FlexNet Manager for Enterprises Datasheet. System Center Operations Manager Overview.

App store and SAM strategy. Similar to Microsoft Product Licensing. Microsoft server licensing, Jelle kooi, datum 6 november Lync server pricing and licensing guide – customer ready. Azure with citrix by bipeen sinha. Introduction to Microsoft Enterprise. Primend Pilvekonverents – Pilveteenuste litsentsimine. System center seminar presentation. Microsoft discontinued the program in Microsoft Schedule Plus — Released with Office Its functions were incorporated into Microsoft Outlook.

It allows users to create dynamic documents for the Web. Development has ended due to unpopularity. Microsoft Data Analyzer — A business intelligence program for graphical visualization of data and its analysis. Microsoft Office Groove Server — Centrally managing all deployments of Microsoft Office Groove in the enterprise Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server — Allows creation of a project portfolio, including workflows, hosted centrally Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server — Allows customers to monitor, analyze, and plan their business Discontinued web services [ edit ] Office Live Office Live Small Business — Web hostingservices and online collaboration tools for small businesses Office Live Workspace — Online storage and collaboration service for documents, superseded by Office Online Office Live Meeting — Web conferencing service Version history [ edit ] Main article: History of Microsoft Office Windows versions [ edit ] Microsoft Office for Windows [ edit ] Microsoft Office for Windows[68]started in October as a bundle of three applications designed for Microsoft Windows 3.

Microsoft Office 4. Microsoft Office 95 [ edit ] Microsoft Office 95 was released on 24 August Again, the version numbers were altered to create parity across the suite—every program was called version 7.

Office 95 was available in two versions, Office 95 Standard and Office 95 Professional. The standard version consisted of Word 7. The professional edition contained all of the items in the standard version Microsoft Office logo, plus Microsoft Access 7. Office 97 also featured Natural Language Systems and grammar checking. Office 97 was the first version of Office to include the Office Assistant. Microsoft Office [ edit ] Microsoft Office Office 9. It also introduced a new security feature, built around digital signatures, to diminish the threat of macro viruses.

Office XP introduced the Safe Modefeature, which allows applications such as Outlook to boot when it might otherwise fail. Smart tag is a technology introduced with Office XP. Some smart tags operate based on user activity, such as helping with typing errors. These smart tags are supplied with the products, and are not programmable.

For developers, though, there is the ability to create custom smart tags. Microsoft Office XP includes integrated voice command and text dictation capabilities, as well ashandwriting recognition. It featured a new logo. Microsoft Office [ edit ] Microsoft Office Office Microsoft Office featured a new logo, which resembled the logo, except in gold, and with a modification in shape.

PowerPoint includes more templates and transition effects, and OneNote includes a new splash screen. In Word, the capability of inserting video and audio online as well as the broadcasting of documents on the Web were implemented.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. September Main article: Microsoft Office On 22 January , the Microsoft Office blog announced that the next version of the suite for Windows desktop, Office , was in development.

On 4 May , a public preview of Microsoft Office was released. Microsoft has noted that some features are added to Office for Mac before they appear in Windows versions, such as Office for Mac ‘s Office Project Gallery and PowerPoint Movie feature, which allows users to save presentations as QuickTime movies. It included Word 5. Excel 4. Version 4. It introduced the Internet Explorer 4. It also was the first version to supportQuickTime movies. It required a PowerPC processor.

X ended on 9 January after the release of the final update, For this reason, Microsoft extended support for Office from 10 September to 10 January VBA functionality was reintroduced in Office Office [ edit ] Microsoft Office for Mac was released on 15 January It requires a paid Office subscription, meaning that traditional Office retail or volume licenses cannot activate this version of Outlook.

Sucks Big Time! Now with this move to remove the capability to download for , I am at a loss to explain to my audience why they will need to invest in a more expensive solution. Office folks are making a bad decision for themselves and MS in general. Totally agree. Totally agree! I will advise my customers to keep using Office ….. Microsoft has pulled the trigger far too early!

So many people were totally happy to get a tool like PowerPivot at hand and were starting to believe in the Microsoft BI way of life. I am ridiculously disappointed. Horribly disappointing and frustrating…. This was a bad idea. My company was looking at upgrading to Office , but when I tell them that they will have to get a special version for every machine in order to handle the features that I promulgate throughout the company, it will be a no go.

I love the fact that a local college provided an Excel course in which over students signed up. The got to the part where they were going to teach the students how to use PowerView except that the 1 year purchase of Office Home Premium Subscription was required for the class.

So here we are on this day and they cannot teach half of the course, the college ended up having to refund all students their money plus compensate for the 1 year subscription service to Office As I have said numerous times, Microsoft just makes stuff.

If they did care, it would be a different world. A blow to smaller business, students and individuals. Well, what can I say. I just signed an Office Home subscription to try out PowerPivot and PowerView, after getting excited about it seeing MS presentations and videos about them. Very sad to see this change! PowerPivot was once a great thing — was…. I am a director of financial analysis for financial product company. I have spent a substantial amount of time investigating Microsoft BI Power pivot and pivot stream teamed.

To continue my research and education, I went so far as to purchase an new computer and installed Office Pro with my own funds. Here I sit. The main reason I even considered the idea is the fact that I have a second computer at work using Excel Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot by limiting access this way. They are losing one of the best forms of advertising available.

Many IT departments ours included are very anti-Microsoft, but when I was able to show them some examples of the work I did in with power pivot, they were really coming around to my idea. Jul One day after you, here I am, too, wondering how can I downgrade back to , which I uninstalled to make sure my had no hiccups as it was having when I first tried the install.

Where the hell is my Powerpivot. Rick and Maria — I just screenshotted your comments and sent them to my friends at Microsoft. Time for a change directed by the Board of Directors. There are so many faults in the corporate management as seen through both the Windows 8 debacle for the corporate world and the army of developers in financial analysis which is shown on this thread that you have to say it is time for a change at the top. Been there too long and the sad tail of the share price over the last ten years- flat — shows need for new management.

Balmer has done all he can — time for new management. Execution of dumb ideas is still execution. Dumb ideas are dumb ideas. Guys been there too long. New management who will realize that is the outside developers with new idea are the future. These people who like or love the best of Excel who want to continue developing and installing it in organizations and at home.

They are the organizations best hope. So 2 months ago i quit my job as a controller within a logistics company cause a different company recruited me. I have used powerpivot during all my time there. Now i find myself wanting to use powerpivot in my new company and build up a BI structure from scratch with Powerpivot as one of the focal points.

So i bought Office Professionel for my own money and installed it on my private computer to become better with powerpivot so i could get a good start at my new company. So i bought the version and to my surprise, no powerpivot… I wrote an angry email to MS not expecting any solution or positive answer.

What i cant understand is that people who truely commit to powerpivot will want to learn every part of powerpivot to utilize its full potentiel. I cant even buy a standalone excel or ask my job to supply one cause they only put powerpivot into BULK licensing.

Its just dumb, plain and simple. To make it clear i will not be using powerpivot in the future as the route MS is taking scares me that MS OFFICE in the future wont even hold Powerpivot and it will be a standalone product that you need to buy under special licensing terms. The world has advanced to an incredible in the last 20 years largely because individuals and small companies with good ideas have had access to tools that enable them to make the most of brilliance Microsoft is probably the best example.

This decision shows that MS have changed since those days and now keep the important features restricted for the exclusive use of the big end of town. How shameful. How wrong. I just left a license organization that was moving to Power Pivot in place of an unwieldy, massive BI application.

With regards to Office , Power Pivot just went from a powerful sales tool to an obstacle. I work for a nursery that specializes in native perennial propagation. Last week I just discovered PowerPivot in Excel via Chandoo and have been zinging in hyper drive thinking of all of the possibilities. For us, having this tool is a game changer. At a time when the economy is still on shaky ground, this is the kind of tool small business need to help advance their productivity and profit and in turn help continue to drive us onto stable ground.

Maybe they will hit their head on one of those trees and knock some common sense back into their collective brains.

Rob, good analysis, thank you. This clearly explains why PowerPivot is not on my as I thought. At first I thought it was just me!. MS, bad idea and this approach will spoil your penetration into a community that trusts features and functions implied to be supplied. I work at a training center and teach PowerPivot classes. This is definitely a step backwards. What a disappointment! We will not be moving to Office now. This is such a big loss for Office.

PowerPivot has completely changed the way I work with data. I believe that this thread has gone on long enough nearly 6 months. There can be no other explanation for their thoughtless actions. An endless string of unhappy people talking about this has had and will have no impact on anything Microsoft does. The laughable part of this is that the people that work at Microsoft think they are smart. Sure, they can create incredible technology, but then what? The bottom line is: just pay any blood money Microsoft wants from you if you want to continue to use their BI tools.

I will, just because I think they are cool and powerful. I agree with you. The products are frikken outstanding. The business is awful. In spite of all the craziness, Excel reigns supreme. In Excel we get flexibility and clarity. We ditch the confusing back-end configuration of the existing app, and the extra features that only got in her way. I have had trouble getting Office for my laptop while maintaining Office on the desktop for continuity purposes.

I will now stop pursuing Office This looks like the apex for microsoft Office and an opportunity for the next dominant office software package to emerge.

We were sorry to lose Lotus but the attraction of compatible DB,Spreadsheet and Word processor with recordable macros was too strong and became standard for every machine. VBA, Powerpivot, Access and SQL server were compelling tools for those who develop with them and share applications with those who use them without concern for how they worked which often competed with the IT department.

However, many more IT applications got off the ground because the prototype on Office got too big. I agree. I purchased Office Home Premium and was so disappointed to find out Excel in that version does not allow the user to access PowerPivot of GeoFlow.

I posted this complaint to Microsoft. When came out I bought Home Premium. And then I discovered that I had neither. It took 4 days and 16 Microsoft techs to get me upgraded.

You actually got upgraded? Didnt think it was possible. Im my country pro plus is not even an option. How much did you have to pay. I was able to upgrade. I guess my company will stick with Office until they come out with a more sensible version. Oh-oh, just upgraded several users from to not realising this pending disaster.

What were they thinking??? Yep going back to , all the new servers on order will be put back to Office How stupid can MS be! Verdaderamente es la peor estupidez de mercadotecnia que he vistooo!! Yo estoy comprando licencias Offices standar argumentando estas nuevas opciones de Pivot y View, no es posible….!

Ahora tengo que trabajar con licencias pero usando con el powerpivot. Well, thanks Microsoft. Now I need to a uninstall this rubbish and then either a find my Office !!

So, the cost has now doubled…. Thanks for the article. A seriously bad move strategically. A major company I worked for to build powerpivot solutions for is now NOT going to upgrade to office , because the volume licensing for people for the pro plus edition is too expensive, and the standard edition will disqualify them from using PowerPivot.

Great article. Unfortunately, I only found it after signing on to Office Home Premium subscription. Awful decision by MS. Wanted to upgrade my KPIs to the next level. Afterall, people are training themselves at home on the software they use in the office. Or they test technology that is not yet available on a locked down company machine. PowerPivot pretty much dead now for me. Back to VBA for charting, I guess. Now, do I cancel that subscription again????

And I never capitalize anything. Worst idea ever!!!!! Real poor decision from MS. I am now stuck with an interesting problem.. I have MS Professional with Powerpivot Add in and my job is to provide business intelligence dashboards to the senior management. Definitely I cant recommend them to upgrade to Pro Plus just for seeing a dashboard during sales review meeting.

I was totally impressed with PowerPivot feature but now this problem makes it difficult to work. In an effort to keep it pithy, I will just say that this is not the kind of thing that will help Microsoft to maintain a position of leadership in the future.

This frustrates me to no end!!!! MS is using a bad approach. So, I assume many consumers will be like me and call MS for clarification. Is MS prepared for that? And how many times does Customer Service give a clear answer. That exceeds my budget. So now I plan on cancelling my E3 subscription and buying a cheaper version.

Thank you for explaining this. I bought Premium thinking Powerpivot would be available; I spoke with Microsoft help; resulting in no joy just advice I bought the wrong version. I am new to PowerPivot. Started using it with and was anxiously looking to buy just to see the new features. I was horrified to learn that PowerPivot is not included in the Professional version which I was planning to buy.

Now I have to stick to Office just to keep learning and using PowerPivot. Does not make sense to me. Taking away powerpivot from Office is a regressive move. Two comments: 1. If you remove a potentially vital feature in an upgrade, it needs to be clear! That means not using it at all. There is a bigger picture here. I believed that Power add ins were the new fresh features making version interesting again.

I believed that it would bring BI to small business as well. How easier it would be to sell them new versions with truly new features. Well, I was wrong. Taking Power add ins away from was wrong decision. Horrendous idea to make it so difficult to get these features.

If I suggest Tableau or Birst it is just so easy. Really frustrated by this. I am just going to buy Tableau instead. It does not look so much more expensive than Excel anymore. Hi can you get powerpivot and powerview in retail versions of Office but below Professional?

Home and Student or Home and Business. I agree completely — Microsoft you have missed the mark!! With zero training budgets the only way at lot of us can learn is to have the software at home and do on-line courses — clearly we will not have access to any enterprise software.

Microsoft — just remember it is often these great things we learn to do in our own time and demonstrate at work that give business a reason to upgrade. Just when I was starting to sing MS praises I run into this issue!! What does Premium mean? Told I have to move to Small Business for Midsize… why? This is really frustrating. I use PowerPivot at work, but I also want to be able to used it at home for my finances!

I am confused at the level of vitriol in some of these posts. It is still great value for money IMO. Just purchased Office Professional specifically for Access and PowerPivot, but evidently I purchased the incorrect package.

I had this ordered for me and was not aware that there was a plus to tell our purchaser. This is a terrible decision by Microsoft and will have wasted time for many people just in my instance alone. I go to different businesses where employees use the laptops set up in their Training Room, and I use whatever laptop they provide me.

This stinks. Hmmmmm …. As for work if a volume license for with PP is significantly more expensive than one without then maybe we will stick with there too. This is really disappointing. I just wasted a lot of time reviewing material about using BI with Project Server and then trying to get PowerView going on my version of Excel Professional but not Pro.

Not only is their decision to not make it available an unbelievable mistake, the fact that none of their training materials makes this clear is very unprofessional. That there is no simple way for me to resolve this, even if I decide to throw a little money at it, is unbelievable. This is extremely frustrating.

We are a smaller company, so considering the big hit we will have to take in the pocket book to eventually upgrade to Office or buy Office Standard and also the standalone Excel, we would rather spend the time to eliminate using Excel for our reporting, and go with another option, eliminating using Excel. Not a happy camper. What a mess Microsoft doing.. I am having Home and Office and still no included powerpivot. What is the latest status? When and how we will be able to get powepivot.

Just installed Office Pro yesterday … and went through all the unpleasant surprises as already mentionned above? Should you be able as per today to get Powerpivot work without Pro Plus? Just bought Office and to my horror, realized that there is no PowerPivot support for excel and came into this post.

Really, Microsoft? Seriously what are you thinking. Same story on my end — I have Office on our work computers, used PowerPivot and fell in love, saw a post on PowerView and ran a small scale test on a computer off the network to ensure Excel worked well with our data sets. Terrible idea, Microsoft! I am an instructor at a community college. Our text teaches students how to use PowerPivot.

We have a bulk license agreement for Office Professional. Also, there is a big push out there to get people certified in using Excel. Please sign the Change.

My reason for purchasing a newer version of Office was to learn power pivot. Pretty pissed right now. Wasted my money. Finally they had a good product to build serious BI and now they just leave it out. A few years ago MS finally got smart and now they are performing a lobotomy…. Post from Japan.

I also purchased Office expecting that PowerPivot was included…. So, I asked one of Microsoft guys I met at a seminar if there was a plan to make it available for Office but the answer was again No.

What are they thinking? The only reason I bought was for power pivot. If I had known ahead of time I would have purchased the more expensive program but I am certainly not going to pay extra now for it. I had planned to teach a course on this -why bother since apparently none of my students will have access to the program anyway.

This just really sucks. Disappointing is an understatement but certainly not unexpected from Microsoft. Whatever happened to customer service — perhaps they should read their mission statement again. Signed the petition. Microsoft — how could you?? I am also taking a free online course from EDX. I posted the petition in the discussion forum. So many irritated students. Way to alienate your customers, Microsoft! Really bad decission. You got my signature for this petition. How can MS expect future users — ie.

I have been excel user since windows 3. Microsoft has never been like this. Many like me have developed so much using Microsoft products, which is where they get most innovative ideas. If some new greedy minded management changes things that will hurt Microsoft bigtime.

I just spent 2 hours googling this to find the SKU limit. I have office professional but not plus. Maybe I am missing something, but the more excel users that use Power Pivot, the greater will be the demand for this feature and these services. If you want to take back what IBM, Tableu, SAP and other business analytics companies have taken away from you over the years, this is not the way to do it.

I encouraged the adoption of PowerPivot at my work by being able to experiment with it at home in Office Surprisingly they gave all of my money back, but tried to charge me again this year, which i cancelled and reversed the charged again.

What a load of bovine excrement! I guess it is truly time to look at other options rather than getting priced out of work by microsoft. Excel is the only reason I put up with Microsoft, period. If they weaken the product, I have even more reason to switch fully over to Mac. Looks like the default installation didnt install PowerPivot.

I am furious about this and feel that I have been ripped off by MS. Totally sucks! I have Microsoft Office Home and Business. I am an engineer who does most of my daily computing with Excel, and so am fairly proficient with spreadsheets. When I heard about Power Pivot I thought it would be a great application for making a home budget worksheet. I feel short-sheeted to find out that it is an add-on that is not included in what I thought to be a complete version of Excel that I bought.

Microsoft should have Power Pivot on all their releases. I work in a large company with programmers, network gurus and all sorts of people who are good at what they do. In when we went to Office and had the Pro version I was the only one in the whole company who noticed Power Pivot and what it could do and read up on it.

Slowly it is being used in a few departments. Now I am 67 years old and an accountant and I was the only one to even notice it. There has to be better marketing so people know it is even there. I also am finding the SQL people are very slow to adopt it. I feel like Microsoft hooked up a six-horse team and then shot one of the horses.

Yes, it will likely be limited to business users, and especially those with looks of data to consume and people to share data with. Too, busy at the office? Not issued a corporate computer? Giving PowerPivot to all versions would help secure that knowledge and learning for all Office customers. And with more users aware, increased utilization of PowerBI services with better over-all satisfaction.

Last point.


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