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Mar 10,  · We recently purchased a 5 Axis Mill, Matsura, that we intend to do gear profiling on but we aren’t quite sure of what program of CAD/CAM Software to buy that could do gears. Bear in mind we want to expand our business in Helical Bevel gears and probably impellers. We have knowledge with MasterCam but is there something better? Nov 13,  · SolidWorks SP Premium x Download Part 1 – 2 GB Download Part 2 – 2 GB Download Section 3 – 2 GB Download section 4 – 2 GB Download section 5 – 2 GB Download Section 6 – 1 GB. SolidWorks SP Languages. Download Part 1 – 1 GB Download Part 2 – 1 GB Download Section 3 – 1 GB Download Section 4 – MB. With AutoCAD , the Map 3D toolset ships free, bringing an intelligent geographic information system (GIS) to every AutoCAD drawing. Join GIS consultant and trainer Gordon Luckett in this course, where he shows how to use this powerful program to edit data within existing AutoCAD drawings and connect to outside databases for new sources of.


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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should mastercam 2018 videos free or use an alternative browser. Another mastercam vs hypermill discussion Emphasis on Volumill. T Start date Jun 10, Replies 57 Views 2, T Cast Iron. Joined Jul 23, Location Los Angeles.

I know this gets brought up every now and again, I’ve read all the recent posts. I’d like to discuss again before we pull the trigger. Perhaps someone has some new insight. I just joined a high end mastercam 2018 videos free company as their 5 axis guy. We are looking to upgrade our cam system. I use Mastercam, they use Gibbs. We are looking at either Mastercam or Hypermill. Most of our parts are prismatic in nature, less organic or mold посетить страницу features.

But I suspect that will change now that I’m on board. Everything about hypermill seems great to me. Nastercam one BIG exception. They use volumill, which in my experience with Gibbs is an absolute dumpster fire compared to Http://, or iMachining. Now Gibbs isn’t exactly on top of their game, so it’s possible their implementation of volumills processing isn’t as masterdam as it could be. I have given hypermill a few test cuts to compare to mastercam and Gibbs.

The Gibbs toolpath is almost identical. The mastercam toolpath destroys both. So with all that in mind, do you find that the advantages of hypermill outweigh the dated mastercam 2018 videos free algorithms found in volumill?

Finally tell my anything else I don’t know about hypermill vs mastercam that we should consider mastercam 2018 videos free making the purchase. Joined Nov 14, Location frfe. I wouldn’t suggest learning a new software and trying to impressing your new employer at the same time. You won’t be able to do both. You know больше на странице Mastercam can do, why risk your reputation on software you don’t know.

While I agree with you in principle, I’ve known my new employer for many years. We are good. He knows it’ll be months before we get anywhere. Joined Oct 27, Location On Tour I believe, Hypermill like all has a big learning curve. Joined Sep 8, T said:. Click to expand We’re in Chatsworth area. I’ve definitely heard a lot of good things about NX.

But isn’t it videoa useful for Siemens controls? We are a Heidenhain shop At least in the 5 axis department. I’m sure it doesn’t actually matter, but that’s my understanding anyway.

Also what do you dislike about hypermill? I already know what I dislike about mastercam. I think it’s a very good all around cam package, but it certainly has it’s issues. Maybe 10 percent of the time it sucks Hank on copy is our post developer. He’ll respond with a quote as soon as the form is completed. With that Micron on the way, we’ll want to get the post sorted out as soon as possible. There are posts the mastercam 2018 videos free out of the box with NX that could be used in fgee pinch.

But normally we want to have a post ready when the machine lands and is ready for testing. Best, the mastercam and hypermill quotes i’ve gotten were right along this price, give or take k, but as we all know, thats without a TRUE CAD system. What’s the other ‘grammers there like – up for a challenge? Do they like change? If they are, why wait until you arrive to update the place?

Or are they just telling you yeh yeh yeh we’re interested, while they actually don’t want it? Because splitting the dept to 5ax only, where you have a total different set of tools, potentially sets you up for a whole lot of finger pointing, from the rest of them.

Do you need solidworks – how many models do you create, or is it not many because mastercam 2018 videos free receive them from customers – mastercam 2018 videos free which case Mastercams Well, NX’s in reality Remembering of course, you need holiday and sick cover – so when Brian is away, “someone” will mastercam 2018 videos free able to open your files and drive the software because when you’re away, there WILL be problems I’m not dampening – just pointing out some thinking points Larry Dickman Titanium.

Joined Jan 30, Location Gree, Ca. Mastercam pretty well sucks, hands down. It’s only bideos is that any idiot can download a crack and learn it on their kitchen table. Hypermill is far beyond. I liked Optirough a lot better than Volumill. Keep in mind that MC bought Opti, they had nothing to do with it, which is why mastercsm works. When I first used Volumill, I was disappointed.

I thought it was a real pile of shit. They made some upgrades and now I think it works pretty good. Hypermill has a new roughing module but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but it’s supposed to blow volumill away. Larry Dickman said:. Also who did dree but Optirough from?

I didn’t know that. Is it MW? You must log in or mastercam 2018 videos free to reply here. Similar threads M. Learning Hypermill. Replies 10 Views 3K. Dec 3, BluishInventor. Hypermill vs. Replies 33 Views 6K. Jun 12, Rick Finsta. Mastercam Optirough Stepup Parameters. Replies 55 Views 4K. May 12, pato. Poll Fusion vs.


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