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Mastercam can be used in virtual environments or other Windows editions. However, Mastercam has not been tested with these configurations.

Innovative profile tools and processes can be used to increase efficiency and machining productivity. Making the Case for Micro-Precision 3D PrintingMicro-precision 3D printing can help manufacturers affordably create very small, highly detailed products and components. This release is available to customers who have a valid maintenance contract that expired after May 31, You get more benefits than the technology behind the software when you choose the most popular CAM in the world.

You will get the most out of your Mastercam investment thanks to our global community of Mastercam enthusiasts, experts, educators, professionals, and educators. Chip Break is now available to Face and Finish Toolpaths in the event of chip breaks. The mill-turn machine definitions now include tailstock and quill parts. Below is a table that lists the recommended and minimum system configurations for Mastercam.

These recommendations are based upon systems that CNC Software has used for testing and evaluation. We recommend that you get as much power as possible for your systems. Multi-core processors will typically run toolpath calculation and simulation faster. To reduce machine motion and tool movement, a common direction has been added on the Tool Axis Control Page for Multiaxis Toolpaths.

It keeps the tool at a uniform tilt angle and maintains a consistent tool tilt angle. These can sometimes interfere with Mastercam applications running on your computer.

However, if you notice unexpected problems, it could be due to anti-virus software. You can temporarily disable the anti-virus software and set Mastercam as an exception. Select 2D toolpaths now have stock awareness. Ensure manufacturability and resolve complex assembly issues early in the design process with tolerance stack-up analysis tools.

Rapidly incorporate printed circuit board data into your 3D model, and create and document layouts for electrical wiring, piping, and tubing with the extended toolsets of SolidWorks. SolidWorks Keygen is more than just CAD software, it also provides simulation, data management, and collaboration tools.

SolidWorks comes with hundreds of new features and enhancements, that improving productivity, approximately, as well as new innovations. There are numerous core improvements, such as wrap feature, offset surface, flexible modeling, advanced hole, performance enhancements, and more.

It includes a 3D that is streamlined software and advanced design tools to produce, import, and machine solid models. The program allows users to design and machine work that is 3D drawings, photographs, flat art, and more. Mastercam v20 Free install is a kind of software used by professionals in the manufacturing industry.

Mastercam helps produce mechanical drawings of machine parts, discover ways to operate CNC lathes and mills and create the cable that is 3-dimensional models. Step 7 5. It has support for 2-axis machining, multiaxis milling and turning, wire EDM, router applications, free-form modeling that is creative cutting, 3D designs, drafting, area and solid modeling designs.

Import via drag and drop You can now drag and drop a supported file for example,. Mastercam Simulator Listed below are enhancements made to Mastercam Simulator, accessed through the Toolpaths Manager. You can add a bookmark, clear a bookmark, or clear all bookmarks. Use Automatic Bookmark to insert bookmarks at certain locations, such as a tool change or operation change.

The bookmarks are then displayed on the playback bar. Simply select any bookmark icon to display the part as it is at that moment. You can also use Create Bookmark on the playback bar to add a bookmark. If you exit Mastercam Simulator or regenerate the toolpaths, the bookmarks are cleared automatically. They do not persist between sessions.

Create presentation You can now create a presentation from Mastercam Simulator. Saving a presentation lets you preserve your settings and layout of your Mastercam 30 What’s New in Mastercam — General Enhancements Simulator session and can be used to show a simulation on any computer, even if it does not have Mastercam. Select Save Presentation on the Home tab to create your presentation.

Select Verify from the Toolpaths Manager, and select Simulation on the Home tab to view the machine simulation. Use the Components tab to set up stock and fixtures. Use the Data tab to set tolerances. Use the Simulation tab to set the machine, position, and tolerance. If you do not have a machine selected when entering Mastercam Simulator, Mastercam will default to a generic machine or a machine that was selected in the Machine Simulation dialog box for the standalone Machine Simulation.

Once logged in, you have access to Mastercam’s social media outlets, your Reseller information, the Mastercam forum, and other helpful information. Alternately, you can select a member of the group, which will select the entire group. This new option is located on the Nesting Configuration dialog box. New location for temporary files Temporary nesting files now go into Mastercam’s default temp folder When creating a new plane by using the on-screen, dynamic gnomon, from the Planes Manager, using Trim to Plane, etc.

When editing an existing plane, the Edit Plane function panel opens. The function panels share the same controls, which are enabled or disabled as appropriate for the current mode. Import via drag and drop You can now drag and drop a supported file onto the Planes Manager to import the file’s planes.

The Plane Selection dialog box displays and lets you select which planes to import. The planes are imported into the open Mastercam file. To ensure that Mastercam does not overwrite your part, machine, and control definition files, the save file workflow has been changed. Mastercam part files When you open a Mastercam X9 or older part file in Mastercam , selecting Save opens the Save As dialog box, where you can save the file with the When you open a Mastercam part file in , you will see a warning banner in the interface that tells you the file is from a previous version of Mastercam.

If you click Save, a warning will display. Choosing Yes saves the file as a Mastercam You can now select different types of entities without switching between Standard and Solid modes on the Selection Bar. If both the Face and Body Selection filters are 46 What’s New in Mastercam — General Enhancements enabled, the cursor will alternate between face and body selection when moving over a solid. Mastercam displays a prompt to guide you through selection techniques.

Hovering over a solid highlights the nearest face and displays the face selection cursor. Click to select a solid face or double-click to select a feature. If only the Face Selection filter is enabled, you can triple-click to select all faces of a solid body. Click an individual face of the solid to deselect it from the body.

Pressing [Esc] or double-clicking in an open area of the graphics window accepts the selection. Selection masking for sheet bodies A new sheet solid selection capability has been added to the Select All and Select Only dialog boxes. Select Level or Viewsheet on the Capture Images dialog box to include them into your report. Click an icon to launch the website. System Configuration Listed below are enhancements made to System Configuration. Default file open type You can set a default file type to be used when opening a file.

The setting persists from session to session. Update to Parasolids This upgrade allows Mastercam to do the following: l Maintain compatibility with other CAD modelers l Benefit from new features and capabilities, when possible l Benefit from bug fixes within the kernel 52 What’s New in Mastercam — General Enhancements User Interface Changes The following functions have been converted to function panels for Mastercam After selecting an update option, the right side of the dialog box shows which planes will be updated.

You can select different update options and see which operations will be affected before committing the change. You can no longer output as text. These include improvements to Solid, Model Prep, and Wireframe functions. Angle Sweep To improve the creation of more complex wireframe functions and when creating or editing primitives, there are now on-screen sweep and rotate controls.

These controls can snap to the AutoCursor positions of existing entities, including tangencies. Additionally, the controls recognize horizontal and vertical snap positions based on the gnomon orientation. All wireframe functions, with the exception of Polar arcs and Ellipses, now include a sweep control.

Rotate controls were added to the following wireframe functions: Polygon, Ellipse, and Rectangular Shapes. This also applies to Roll, located on the Transform tab. Helix and Spiral now include a single-axis control that lets you graphically modify the height of the shape you are creating and editing. Seam Control To make Roll and Unroll results easier to predict, a new gnomon based rotation control is now available.

You can visually rotate the seam to see how geometry will respond, as well as snap to AutoCursor positions. Align Note allows you to move existing notes and labels in such a way that they are more organized and easier to read. After selecting the function, select the notes you wish to align, and then choose a note to use as the reference position. You can then make any adjustments needed from the function panel. Cross Hatch is also live, allowing you to see what you are creating before accepting it.

Unlike notes, labels, and letters, leaders are not live entities and cannot be edited. Methods used to align dimension orientations Auto, Horizontal, etc. When you select Lock, the specific Method you have selected stays active until you change it. You can easily create multiple dimensions using a specific orientation without having to reset it. Hole Axis Hole Axis is now easier to use with a large number of holes, especially holes with matching diameters that are selected as a group.

When you hold down the [Ctrl] key to select all holes with the same diameter, Mastercam calculates the top based on the direction of the hole. The result can be undesirable with multiple holes pointing in different directions. In previous releases, you had to individually select the axis inside the hole or select and then re-select each arrow to change the direction of the vector.

In , the vector arrow is larger and is selectable to make it easier to manage directions on a small set of holes. Direction options The new Direction options allows you to change the direction of the holes. Use Opposite to flip the holes opposite of the direction determined by the Orientation option.

Select Include blind holes to flip the direction of theoretical blind holes, but not true blind holes. A true blind hole has a physical bottom inside of the solid. A theoretical blind hole passes completely through a section of the solid. Orientation options Use the new Orientation options to determine the direction of the top of the holes. Select Cplane to orient the top of the selected holes to match the positive direction of the Z axis of the current Cplane.

Now, you can undo and redo up to twenty-five Model Prep functions using the new Undo and Redo, located on the Solids Manager. They only affect changes made using the Model Prep functions. Applying a history-based Solid function to the model clears the Undo and Redo memory stream and makes any previous Model Prep changes permanent. Solid Enhancements Solid Sweep Solid Sweep now has more options and controls than in previous releases.

Solid Sweep operations from previous releases will still have limited features when edited in Mastercam Only newly created Solid Sweep operations will support the new options. Each profile must have an equal number of entities, but the profiles do not need to be chained in sync. The chains must contain the same number of entities, even if the shape is different. Guide Chain Use a Guide Chain to influence a Solid Sweep operation by introducing a chain that alters the shape of the results.

The images below depict the orange wireframe being swept across the blue wireframe. The green wireframe is the Guide Chain. Guide Chains are not limited to the same plane as the Along Chain. New alignment options Two new options have been added to control the alignment between your profile and the Along chains. Previous releases always kept the same angle relationship between the Profile and Along curves.

You can choose one of the following: Normal l l Parallel Normal maintains the original angle relationship between the profile and along chain. Parallel keeps the cross sections parallel to the original profile. The ability to control this relationship makes the exact placement of the profile in relation to the Along curve less critical. In Mastercam , the profile geometry easily runs along sharp corners.

If any sharp corners are encountered, Mastercam miters them. This enhancement gives you greater flexibility and precision when modeling. You can control the angle of the twist as well as its placement along the sweep. There is no limitation on the angle of the twist, and you can use the following options to apply the twist from a certain place: No twist Twist l The start of the Along Chain to the end l The start of the Profile Chain s to the end of the Along Chain l The start of the Along Chain to the Profile Chain s 69 What’s New in Mastercam — Design Enhancements Solids Manager New icon A new icon has been added to the Solids Manager that represents solid bodies with operations that have been rolled back and are dirty.

This is especially helpful when there are many solid bodies and the bodies are collapsed so the history is not displayed. Stop Operation placement There is now a simpler way to manipulate the Stop Operation inside the history of a solid. You can now place the Stop Operation by selecting the operation you want to be last and selecting Move Stop Op here from the rightclick menu.

Keep solid feature color Mastercam now retains a solid’s face and feature colors even after you have removed its history. Solid face masking You can now use the standard color masking tools found in the Quick Mask color selection to select solid faces when creating a surface from a solid.

Transform Enhancements Listed below are enhancements made to the Transform functions. Control start position Rotate and Mirror now include a new option, Translate, which maintains the same start position of a closed circle when rotated or mirrored. If deselected, the start position of the circle moves as it did in previous Mastercam releases.



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Set the Entry method to Plunge only on the Entry Motion page. Unlike notes, labels, and letters, leaders are not live entities and cannot be edited. The following list encompasses the changes made: l l l Strategies 3 and 4 have been moved to a new Additional Collision Control Strategies page. Rapidly incorporate printed circuit board data into your 3D model, and create and document layouts for electrical wiring, piping, and tubing with the extended toolsets of SolidWorks. This option is available when Tool axis control is set to Fixed angle to axis on the Tool Axis Control page. Only newly created Solid Sweep operations will support the new options.


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