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Windows 10 pro raid 5 greyed out free download. Why Extend Volume Grayed out and How to Quickly Fix It [Resize Partition]

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Sorry for late reply. Best Regards. Dale Qiao. Thanks for posting in Microsoft TechNet Forum. Conversion from basic to dynamic goes very quickly without data loss. After you complete this procedure, you must restart the computer. Disk Management automatically reserves this free space when it creates partitions or volumes on a disk, but disks with partitions or volumes that are created by other operating systems might not have this free space available.

Please note : make sure that these disks don’t include partitions or volumes that are created by the previous Operating system. Hope this helps. The reference you have posted was last updated in , before Windows 7 was released.

Unless I am missing something this doesn’t seem like solid evidence that Raid-5 isn’t supported in Windows 7. If it wasn’t supported I would assume the option wouldn’t be included in Windows 7 rather than just greyed out. I have an easier time suggesting that RAID-5 is only available in Windows 7 if the motherboard or cpu support this software raid option.

I hade no problem installing this solution. The problem is that this solution isn’t stabile. As you can see in Intel Communities theirs a lot of problem with random discs reported as faulty, thus the RAID is down graded. This has happend to me twice. Hope this does the work better then the Intel solution. Excuse me but isn’t the point of hardware raid 5 that it is not windows dependant and is therefore configured outside windows using the raid adapters bios and the raid 5 array just shows up as a volume?

So if Windows 7 doesn’t support “windows raid 5” why is the raid 5 option even in the menu. You don’t need to configure anything in windows if you are using hardware raid 5 so it utterly pointless. The processing is being done by a driver.

Without the right driver the RAID does not work and the os sees individual drives or no drives at all. In Windows, the RAID5, mirror, or stripe options available in Disk Manager are provided by the services and functions within the operating system. These are software RAIDs. There are other proprietary software RAIDs. As such, it can present a single drive image that is ingependant of operating system.

I have now used this FastTrak solution in my brand new builted computer Win 7 Ent x64 without any trouble at all. As backup system I use Synology j with four identical GB drives. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Resources for IT Professionals. Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by:. Archived Forums. Windows 7 Installation, Setup, and Deployment. Steve 1. Sign in to vote.

Hello, I got 3 equal disks which were a dynamic Raid-5 before. I want to create a Dynamic Raid-5 again in Windows 7 but it’s greyed out in the context menu. I can create a mirror, stripped or spanned volume. But no Raid-5 volume. All disks are dynamic disks already and unallocated.

Anyone able to help? Sunday, August 9, PM. Hi, Sorry for late reply. Tuesday, August 18, AM. Tuesday, August 11, AM. I have the same problem with the greyed out Raid 5 option. I disks meet all the requirements and still the option is greyed out. What can i do? Wednesday, August 12, PM. Steve 0. All requirements are met. You could always try using diskpart. If no size is given, the largest possible RAID-5 volume will be created. The disk with the smallest available contiguous free space determines the size for the RAID-5 volume and the same amount of space is allocated from each disk.

The actual amount of usable disk space in the RAID-5 volume is less than the combined amount of disk space because some of the disk space is required for parity.

You need at least three dynamic disks in order to create a RAID-5 volume. Aligns all volume extents to the closest alignment boundary. When an error is encountered, DiskPart continues to process commands as if the error did not occur. After you create the volume, the focus automatically shifts to the new volume. Thursday, August 13, AM. Where you see the grey-out? In Disk Management console? What Windows 7 you have and what kind of these hard disk brand and type? In Disk Management console yes.

Windows 7 Professional. I’m using Windows 7, Enterprise ed. Diskpart doesn’t work in this case. Upon trying this before it comes up with the error that this command is not supported in this version of windows.

My setup is 4 X GB Samsung disks. All the same model. They are dynamic and ready to be used. Steve and myself have the exact same prob and it seems we have everything required for a RAID 5 setup but the option is greyed out. Are you able to create a RAID 5 array with windows 7?

Is your option not greyed out? Do you know if software RAID 5 is possible with windows 7? I came across some info yesterday suggesting that the RAID 5 option that is greyed out is an option that is only possible with certain CPU’s that support this. It’s a new windows thing. So unless your CPU supports this kind of functionality the option will be greyed out. Friday, August 14, AM. I would like to know the true answer to this though with solid evidence. Saturday, May 22, PM. Haxalot 0. Friday, July 16, PM.

I don’t no how this will affect the speed as the Promise card only support PCI slot. Tomas By helping others I help myself. Friday, August 27, AM. Friday, June 17, PM. Sunday, June 19, PM. By helping others I help myself. Thursday, December 1, AM. Tuesday, April 8, PM.



Windows 10 pro raid 5 greyed out free download › Windows › Windows Server. Creating a new partition but the new simple volume greyed out in Windows 11/10/8/7 Disk Management? You can find 2 solutions in this post. Convert to Dynamic Disk option greyed out. There is another situation that when you try to convert the basic disk to dynamic disk with Windows.


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