How a Merchant Can Influence Social Shopping?

How a Merchant Can Influence Social Shopping?

As a merchant, you can influence how much social shopping is taking place with your brand or site. First, you can find out what shoppers are saying about your products and services. You simply search to see what people are saying on the different social media platforms. You can also search via a search engine like Google.

At we continuously promote our merchants to feature the products and offer Buy Now Pay Later services. We have noticed that there is a higher tendency to buy more products when the merchant offer Lazzypay as a payment option on their e-commerce site. The more you can be on social media as an e-commerce owner, the more you and your shoppers can converse together.

Lastly, make sure your e-commerce site easily converts to mobile view. This will help as your shoppers are navigating through the social media sites for questions about your product and possibly a place to purchase.

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