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Force windows 10 download tool

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I created the cfg file, put it in sources folder on the USB drive, unchecked the “use recommended setting for this computer” box and even as an added measure I tried doing it with downloading updates to make the installation go smother and without.

Though when I reach the “ready to install” page in the installer I just get windows 10 Pro with a little check mark next to it. Hi jcms Are you booting the PC form the USB installation media and are you choosing to install Windows 10 as a clean install or upgrade an existing Windows installation?

I’m running the executable file from the USB after the PC has already been booted, for some reason going into the advanced startup options gives me no option to boot from the USB itself.

First off I want to thank everyone who replied to this post I really appreciate the help. I finally got Win10 Home to install on the PC, It’s kind of embarrassing but it turns out the problem was my brother’s keyboard.

I thought I was being blocked out from accessing the BIOS menu but it turns out his keyboard just wasn’t registering fast enough on startup to hit the key for the BIOS menu.

Thanks again for all the help and have a nice day. Haluatko asentaa Windows n tietokoneeseesi? Haluat asentaa Windows n uudelleen tietokoneeseen, jossa Windows 10 on jo onnistuneesti aktivoitu. Tallenna ja sulje mahdollisesti avoinna olevat sovellukset ja tiedostot. Kun olet valmis, valitse Asenna. Tarkista seuraavat seikat tietokoneessa, johon haluat asentaa Windows n: tai bittinen suoritin.

Patience was the key. The language or edition of the version of Windows that is currently installed on your PC isn’t supported by this tool. Umm I got a question! I used the older “Media Creation Tool” for upgrading.. I would only add that afterwards you need to remove the windows. The only problem with that is that you need to take ownership of the folder first before you are able to delete it. And don’t forget to turn off defer upgrades. I have windows 10 installed and activated.

If I wipe my drive and do clean installation with this build, do i have to enter activation key or it will get activated automatically? I don’t have key so dnt want to mess up. No key needed if you reinstall on the same hardware, just skip the product key entry request Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.

Didt this yesterday, works fine! With Windows 10 I had some wifi issues. Just restarted my surface pro 2 and it worked. Now with November update the Wi-Fi is always “not connected to the internet” Anybody else? Hello, yes, I have a Surface Pro 3 which does this note.

My wife’s is the same computer with no problem. One difference is I am running Hyper-V. Are you? Hi, I got the same issue and running Hyper-V as well. Finally I disconnect the bridge then it works fine. Well, it took me at least 45 minutes on a quite modern laptop – just about the same as it took to upgrade from Windows 8. It was a normal installation process with keeping current configuration, so everything works fine indeed, but it’s a slight overkill just to get a service pack Anyway, thanks for the hint :.

This also works for insider builds. I have done a couple of times when my PC was not able to detect the new insider builds.

Not sure i can be bothered with this. I’m not particularly ‘tech savvy’ but, thanks to WC I used this method to upgrade my Mrs’ laptop to W Now I have just done it again on my own laptop to get this update, as I had the same problem as WC, with the update failing then disappearing.

It’s all pretty straightforward to do.!! Thanks Daniel for the article, I hadn’t thought about updating this way.!! Thanks, it worked! Now I’m waiting for windows 10 mobile!!! I notice my Edge Favourites Toolbar was emptied of its shortcuts in the upgrade.

Delighted to see jump lists added to Start Menu tiles don’t think I saw either of these things mentioned anywhere before. Worked great, thank you! I got mine on my desktop yesterday, really enjoyed it. Now I can actually use Edge since it’ll sync my favorites. That was my biggest problem with Edge. I use a PC at home, and I use my Surface for work and anything else! I really needed to keep it up to date. Redownloading it again through Windows Update.

This keeps me in an endless loop of downloading the upgrade tool. I have the enterprise version installed here. Damn it, the update just failed when installing from Windows Update I think I’ll try again from Windows Update, if it still fails, then I’ll work on this manual way. It downloads an ISO image of Windows 10, which can be used to upgrade your existing install.

Upgrading through media creation tool will keep my windows 10 activated, right? If genuine, yes. Guys help me out. Though I was successful in creating the ISO, when i mounted ISO and ran the setup, its asking for me the product key, I entered my current windows 10 Genuine product key but it dint work, i also tried my old windows 8. But last time when I was upgrading too windows 10 using the same method it dint ask for the key.

So if anyone has a solution, it would be just great. And i dont want to download 3gb of data again! Windows Home lost disk cleanup? My tablet didn’t have it. I threw it in the trash and the truck picked that up. I barely used it anyways, due to edge being kinda terrible and metro i. Being removed. The tablet had less than a gig free and I couldn’t remove the Windows old and bt folders due to permission errors.

Those old folders were taking 10gb of storage. The Pro notebook let me remove it all immediately. The tablet had no disk cleanup button in disk properties. I will get an iPad mini.

It just works. On my notebook the upgrade completely jacked my settings up, and installed bad drivers and its in the closet until I can fix the issues. Feels like a bad Linux distribution. All the issues I had on release day are back, verbatim. Horrible update experience but I plan to leave this Eco. I only have one wi does device left at this point and I don’t mind trashing them if it comes to that.

After upgrading my pc, its build version still the same !! This is a great tip. YMMV, but I borked my system doing this.. Which version should I download for 32 bit tablet. I have no problem to remove all files. Plz help Danial. Wallpaper link please? That’s awesome! Doesn’t work for edu versions Why does this update need so much space??

Hi, Not sure what u actually mean with that but my suggestion is to use media creation tool to upgrade your Windows 10 pc on newest RTM code, then after that process is complete, then go settings-Windows Update, the choose Recovey and choose Recover that pc, then it will give you an option to recover it and leave your all personal stuff and remove all third party apps, after that process is done and you finaly log In to your account you have just a nice fresh Windows 10 pc with November update, it is really smooth fast, gives you nice user experience, you see there is no need always to do fomat on your drive, this method what i just described to you is like reseting your Lumia phone after Windows10 upgrade, I have done that on my own pc and this method is really good you do not have to install any drivers after that because that process will preserv your pc drivers, no painful Windows 10 setup, what most of people hate thinking it is so painful worrying about their personal stuff.

After all that process you can use disk clean up tool to remove Windows. That advice ruined my Samsung ativ smart pc tablet. It didn’t find November updates so I decided to manually update it. I have also that model, no such problem on me, if you cannot do anything, then copy all your stuff on an external usb or hard drive, then use that same media creation tool to create windows 10 usb setup drive and boot from USB and do full format to reinstall Windows 10 with that November update already integrated, then use samsung sw update too to install drivers, PS, you have to use Windows 8.

November update finaly appeared in Windows update yesterday night and just finish installing it today. Nice November update added project in Quick Action to easily switch to multiple display. I did all this and now stuck for hours on a screen “Getting a few things ready” This worked like a charm on my Dell Venue 8 Pro. The update will eventually come up after some days. Just updated mine on the third try. Keep calm and update. No need for extra triks.

Background link please!? It looks awesome! Good tip, thanks WC! This worked for me although I just hit the upgrade now instead of using the media tool.

As others have reported, the only issue I have experienced is it changed my default program for. Otherwise everything else seems to be running well thus far.

Had to reboot a few times after update due to operation freezes. After, all good. It’s just unprofessional and stinks. Dan it didn’t worked for me the way you explained. At the end of installation it gave a message that you wont be able to roll back to 8. So it wipes out old settings. Hence have decided to wait for my return for update.

Or must via Windows update? Thank you. MCTdid not work for me. My laptop is still stuck in Build I can’t roll back, I try updating to thru win update but it keeps saying an update is already in progress and to restart then try again. On top of that, leaving the insider program for W10 desktop is a hellish process. It doesn’t help that my internet is slow because my home is too far away from the CO.

Nevertheless I tried MCT and after waitinand monitoring the progress the whole evening, after it finished downloading all 3. All the progress was lost. I’m trying a different method now in that I’m downloading the actual ISO file on my phone which you cant do on desktop, for some odd reason instead of MCT, transferring it to my laptop and go from there. Hopefully it’ll finally work. Tried the media creation tool as described, didnt work. It worked for me, but previously I installed every update available.

It tells me I need 5 GB’s of storage even when I choose another drive. I can manage it on my PC, but not my tablet. MS really though this through, didn’t they? You need at least 25GB free I believe, after I upgraded and went to clean the drive, the previous Windows installation showed it occupied 25GB, now I got rid of old installation and got 25GB space back. I have a 1TB hard drive, so I didn’t had any storage issue when upgrading.

No it doesn’t need that much. Can you imagine a freaking update that would need that much storage space? The whole Windows isn’t that big. The update that wasn’t there. Thanks Daniel. Just upgraded my SP4 to using this method. Worked as described, no problems at all.

Seems a lot less buggy now. Battery life improved. I hope MS get their act together with this upgrade process. We shouldn’t have to go through this in ! OTA kept giving error messages, and “retry” didn’t try very hard.

This seemed a promising alternative. Download process was slow, but steady. Then “Setup needs to restart” Found no active process in Task Manager.

Am SO tired of this, “updates” that require a computer engineering degree to install. It took 20 hours for me to get the original Win10 upgrade to install!

Attempt 2 resulted Media Creation Tool crashing error code – 0x – 0xB So wish I didn’t rely on this one computer for my livelihood. Thanks Daniel Rubino for this great advice, I had this issue and did this last night and automatically my PC was restarted and got the November upgrade. My Dell Inspiron Early model is now running blazing fast with this update and is fantastic. Thanks again WC.

Was having no luck with the OTA. Been seeing several updates posted over the past few days, little by little some would process but not the big Win10 updates. Thought this would be a welcome alternative. The downloading was slow, but steady. It then needed to restart the set-up and Setup didn’t restart. No obvious processes were evident in Task Manager. Tried running Media Creation Tool again, downloaded slowly again but then Error code 0x – 0xB Rather tired of these updates all but requiring a computer engineering degree to complete successfully.

The original Win10 upgrade took 20 hours to get done. So wish I didn’t rely on this one computer for my livelihood. Great article, running the process now. Where did you get that cool desktop background? I am in love with your background, would you be willing to share?

My first upgrade from Windows 8. Everything was working as expected but the cumulative updates on windows10 for some reason would not install on my PC.

I noticed this in one of my friends PC also. I tried all tricks but the cumulative updates would never install. After that the cumulative updates installed properly. Recently I received the Fall Update but it failed to install. It downloads prepares and something is going wrong during upgrade. It fails to install and reverts back. Microsft has to really fix this issue for Windows Best Photo Printers.

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How to Force Windows 10 to Install an Update

You can use this page to download a disc image (ISO file) that can be used to install or reinstall Windows The image can also be used to create installation. When the latest Windows update is ready for your device, it will be available to download from the Windows Update page in Settings.


Windows 10 Update Assistant – Windows 10 May 2021 Update

May 01,  · We explain why this happens, and how you can force a Windows 10 update. Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 updates in trickles—not everyone receives an update at the same time. When a Windows Update is available to the public, you may get the update immediately, or it may take days sometimes. Feb 17,  · Hello, recently my little brother got a hold of a key for windows 10 home edition. My problem is that for some reason every time I use the windows 10 media creation tool to install the OS on his machine (the same one I used on my own computer a few weeks ago mind you) it defaults to a copy of windows 10 pro instead of home. Jun 30,  · To force Windows 10 to install Windows 10 Home SL, you would need to create an file which instructs the setup media to install the mentioned edition and channel. For this do the following steps:Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.


Media tool forces windows 10 pro install – Microsoft Community

Follow these steps to create installation media (USB flash drive or DVD) you can use to install a new copy of Windows 10, perform a clean installation, or reinstall Windows Before you download the tool make sure you have: An internet connection (internet service provider fees . Feb 17,  · Hello, recently my little brother got a hold of a key for windows 10 home edition. My problem is that for some reason every time I use the windows 10 media creation tool to install the OS on his machine (the same one I used on my own computer a few weeks ago mind you) it defaults to a copy of windows 10 pro instead of home. May 01,  · We explain why this happens, and how you can force a Windows 10 update. Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 updates in trickles—not everyone receives an update at the same time. When a Windows Update is available to the public, you may get the update immediately, or it may take days sometimes.

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