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Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. It should not take more than a few minutes to find this Sport category PC game on the internet. This PC game got numerous quests to complete and it was released on Mar 31, date. Thousands of people bought this video game when it was launched on Mar 31, date. The main feature of the game is the World Cup tournament itself, where the player may use either the actual groups used in the finals, or groups composed of a random selection of the included teams.

Each match takes place in a recreation of the venue it was played in the actual tournament. As in the real tournament, group games do not go to extra time or a penalty shootout but knockout matches do.

Do not consider it an ordinary game because players have offered it top ratings. There is no multiplayer mode in this PC game! Waddle also has the audacity to comment on the penalties. Well, we’ve seen professional footballers take much worse penalties than that, Chris. Know what we’re saying? World Cup 98 does have some small faults: red cards aren’t shown for tackles from behind, for example; there are no old rules for the Classic Cup mode golden goal in , anyone?! Worst of all, the control system enables you to select an action before your player gets the ball.

This is not a great problem once you get used to it, but in the meantime expect passes to go amiss, players to dive in for tackles when you don’t want them to Ultimately though, the fact that we’ve already been playing the game solidly for an entire week -and expect to be playing it throughout the summer – says it all.

World Cup 98 is quite simply the finest football game on the PC; the perfect accompaniment to the tournament. Not so much meat and gravy, then, as a succulent chicken in white wine sauce or something.

Gorge yourself on it. Capitalizing on the World Cup ’98 craze, EA Sports is hitting the shelves with another soccer title faster than Kiss recorded albums back in the 70s. EA’s WC! The menu and interface screens have been revamped with a slick look reminiscent of the N64 version of Road to World Cup.

As for graphics. WC ’98’s are kickin’, and the gamcplay speed is smokin’. The player models sport a little bit more detail and brighter colors than those in RTWC for the PlayStation, but they haven’t been completely overhauled. And yes, all the animations arc there, from diving goalies to bicycle kicks. WC ’98’s computer A. When you’re on offense, the CPU will apply a bit more pressure: and it definitely docs a better job of taking away your angle when you attempt a through-pass close to the goal–it’s hard to score with three guys on you.

And when the CPU is on the attack, it’ll pass more efficiently and perform more cuts to make you miss. The game’s control is solid and has been refined to let you perform more dekes and passes. Plus, you can now change your game strategy on-the-fly and run preset plays with the touch of a button. Soni-cally, all the right bells and whistles, as well as two-man commentary, are still intact.

Training, and Penalty Shootout inodes. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many teams to choose from: Because the game is based on the actual tournament, EA included only the 32 teams that qualified plus 8 bubble teams , and not the whopping teams that were available in RTWC. Nonetheless, WC’s rosters are still stacked with all the players, and all ten stadiums arc modeled after their real-life French counterparts, including those in Bordeaux, Marseille, and Paris. When the final whistle sounds, World Clip ’98 is an extremely fun and challenging soccer game, and one of the best on the market.

While some excellent improvements have been made over the recently released FIFA ‘ Road to World Cup, if you already own that title and unless you’re a total soccer nut , you probably won’t need to make another soccer purchase. Lace up your soccer shoes and get ready to be kicked in the shin and a few other places.

The renowned World Cup is at stake, and takes place in France so polish up your French and instill carpe diem, for you represent your country. Imagine if you will, 32 Cup hungry teams, millions of fans, and you controlling the free will of every man on your team. World Cup 98 brings the fever of soccer into your living room and slaps you in the face.

The possession of the World Cup is the pinnacle of soccer and it’s yours for the taking. I spent most of my life on the basketball courts and not the soccer field so I felt this game would not be up my alley. Upon flipping the power button I was instantly enthralled by the opening of Chumbawamba’s chart-topping song “Tubthumping”, along with the mascot of this year’s World Cup.

I soon felt at home with the intensity of power this game has to offer. From the minds at EA Sports comes a vivid void of limitless action from Mexico’s magic, to Brazil’s amazing acrobats of ball handling, to the goatee of America’s own Alexi Lales.

This game focuses on the teams strong points as well as their weaknesses. So bicycle-kick the other soccer wannabes, get your hands on World Cup 98 , and make your country proud. Big field, small players, and a ball.

The perfect combination when the bragging rights to each country are on the line. When EA Sports creates a game, usually you will find that they did their homework. Again they have come through and demanded that soccer should not just be played on those Spanish speaking television stations.

They want you to pick up a game that you are not familiar with and make the sport something you would do if you had some spare time. Well, you don’t have to go outside anymore to work up a sweat, just pop this puppy in and before you know it you will have soccer fever. Let’s now dissect the playing modes. First, we begin with the shoot-out, this is an all out war on the goalie.

The object, for the soccerly impaired is a best of five shot on goal with you and the goalie and vice versa. Which means after you serve your soccer platter, you will be served an equally appetizing meal. I found this stage to be fun for the first 20 minutes but was mind numbing after awhile. I mean, you kick, they kick, you sleep, they kick, get the idea? However, it is a necessity to learn this because if on your way to the World Cup you come across a tie, well it’s shoot-out time.

Another mode which was called “Friendly” was not aptly named. A proper name would have been, “Hey this is just like the World Cup, but only for practice. This is the mode for the person who, like myself, opens the game and uses the directions for carpeting their birdcage. It is a great “get the feel for the game” mode. I highly suggest it to the first time players. The Training mode is next and allows you to understand the fundamentals of this fast paced game.

It does a fairly decent job of getting you ready for the World Cup, but felt I learned everything I needed to survive in the Friendly mode. Last but not least, the big banana, World Cup mode. Well, depending on the difficulty level you felt you have attained, you will quickly find yourself on the soccer totem pole. The game also has a sub-menu which allows you to configure things such as player management, team management, customizing players and squad. In player management you can change your players’ aggression, so in a sense you can have a team consisting of Barney Fifes or Gypsy Savages running rampant on the field.

I really couldn’t tell the difference in the style except a lot more penalties were called, so it’s good to be in between on their aggression. Now, in team management was were the complication of strategy entered the game.

When objectively looking at the game you see a bunch of grown men running around chasing and kicking a ball around a field. Well, you are no longer a spectator, you must control your team and give them an offensive and defensive angle you feel comfortable with.

In this you must decide what area is most important, a strong offense with weak defense, or the other way around, or just plain equal. Under the Squad customizing, I found that to be a trade-off.

Yes you can compile a dream team of your favorite players and wreak havoc. The most compelling option had to be the customization of the players.

This had me rolling because you get to change your players faces, hair color, and so on. This made the game funny because if you wanted you can have a team of players that just left the cloning institute.

The combinations you can create could be a game in itself, I fooled around with it for about an hour, made faces of people I knew, and gave them their names.

All in all the modes and sub-menus make this an interesting game. Upon playing this game you will quickly realize it’s realistic.

For instance, when you dribble the ball, you must quickly catch up to the ball because its very easy to get the ball ripped from you. Slowing down the tempo and setting up your offense is the key to this game. The feel of your player is very natural and easy to control and to switch from man to man.

The only complaint I had in this department was that the game seemed to remember if you pressed the kick button while the ball was being passed, so the guy you pass it to launches it into the stratosphere.

The handling of speed with your players is realistic especially with the power boost. This enables you to lose a player that is challenging you for dibs on the ball. Once you get accustomed to playing you will find that the tricks you can perform come naturally and at the proper times instead of having to show your buddy that you can do a fake with no one on you. Speaking of buddies you can have up to 8 people on the multi-tap.

This allows for some all out damn good competition. When you start going to the World Cup, you will find that every team gets harder the further you advance.

So when playing, try to emulate the styles and control that your previous team displayed. For example I was burned by a corner kick and header that left my goalie with his shorts down. After practicing that in the training mode, I found that to be a great shot to attempt with success with good accuracy. Another aspect of this game that I found entertaining was when the other teams scored there were a couple of taunts and some silly airplane arms from celebrating soccer players. The replay is a great thing to always have in any game while playing a friend.

The object is to show play by play how you made them look like they had the intelligence of a gnat. The commentators come up with some slick comments but for the most part are there to let you know who scored and who you pass to and from. The part that everyone usually just scrolls down to read, the graphics were actually very fluid and convincing. What’s funny is that you don’t pay attention to the graphics because the game gets you wrapped up in winning.

When close-ups are taken you will find a polygon player with attention to detail on their uniforms and shoes. When I play and review games the graphics are a big selling point, but when you get down to it it’s the gameplay that sells the title. For example, Gran Turismo has the most convincing replays known to the Playstation world, however the gameplay is what makes the game phenomenal. I could say the same for this game but I’m not, simply for the fact that I do not compare apples and oranges.

This game has the gameplay that true soccer players can appreciate and be proud to call their own. The bottom line is this, you want soccer, you get it in World Cup From the bicycle kicks to the red flagging from taking down your opponent with an illegal kick, this game compiles everything you need to know about this gut wrenching sport.

If you’re like me and soccer is not your cup of tea, an evening rental is still worth your time and your money.

However, if you are the die hard soccer enthusiast this game is for you, so get off your computer, get this game, and go kick some grass. So what’s different this time? Well, World Cup 98’s goalies seem a bit better than before.



Fifa world cup 1998 pc game free –


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World Cup /27187.txt Item Preview. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Topics World Cup Accurate national team kits except for the goalkeepers who were issued a generic kit were introduced complete with kit figa logos and official merchandise. The game engine is based on fifa world cup 1998 pc game free of FIFA: Road to World Cup 98, though it features some minor gameplay improvements to areas such as in-game strategy changing and player positioning.

The playable teams in the friendly mode also included several nations that did not qualify for the finals. There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. Videogame Videos.


Fifa world cup 1998 pc game free. Download World Cup 98 (Windows)


If you know otherwise, write to us. Developer EA Games. Publisher Electronic Arts. Year Tags abandonware , old , game , fifa , road , world , cup , france , sports , soccer. Genre sports. Platform PC. Share game: FIFA Rate FIFA Comments There are no comments. First and foremost, there is the “catchup logic” problem. EA Sports have included a bizarre feature in the game, which takes effect during the second half if the computer is down at halftime.

What happens is that the computer will start shooting wildly, from improbable distances, making your goalie smack his lips in anticipation of a big bonus after so many saves. I am not talking simple long shots here, I am talking ridiculous- yard attempts become rather commonplace. You can “disable” this feature from the options menu- I strongly recommend that you do this before you begin to play- thus reducing the problem to a much more bearable state. You still get the occasional “shooting streak”, but in general, CPU teams at least try to get closer to goal most of the time.

In any case, EA Sports have promised a patch for this problem, and to be honest, with this feature disabled, my enjoyment from the game was not ruined.

Other, much more minor problems, are also there. Goalies still make some silly mistakes sometimes- the most noticeable one is leaving the ball to the closest defender to clear, effectively allowing a charging striker to reach the ball first and force the keeper to make an instinctive jump to save a possible goal. Would have been easier to collect the ball in the first place, but most of these situations do not end up in goals anyway, as the striker is under pressure from just behind.

Trying to reach a ball that is lying just by the sidelines seems impossible for computer controller players, as they will almost always push it over. Players about to take a corner kick usually try to fix the position of the ball, only contrary to real life, they do not move it to the edge of the marked area, but rather to the middle, which seems a little unrealistic.

Lastly, but for me, the most annoying aspect of the game, are those little animations during deadballs. Just before freekicks, goalkicks, or any other such activity, the game “treats” you to a short, admittedly beautiful, animation of the player “doing something”- fixing the ball position, moving away to prepare for the shot, etc.

This is nice in the first match or so, and in an impromptu “screen saver mode” as I mentioned earlier, but becomes terribly annoying when you’ve seen it all for the umpteenth time already. I really wish EA Sports would have added an option to skip those annoying little animations automatically. The first stage, of shock, is where you become stunned by its amazing performance. It takes a few games just to register everything that is going on around you, and to start getting used to the controls.

Then comes stage two, of pure enjoyment. You begin to understand what you are doing, get excited by scoring your first goal, and the like. The third stage is the one where you get annoyed by some of the glitches the game has, like the “catchup logic” problem. And the last, fourth stage, and the one I am in right now, is that of growing admiration. Even after playing 40 games I am still enjoying this game tremendously.

I keep on learning new things. I become excited by new funny moves I find out that I can perform. I do silly things like grow beards for all of my players, and then give them all black outfits, hopefully enlisting the ref on my team. You see, FIFA 98 is truly a masterful creation. It is one of those rare games, where you simply keep on playing over and over again, but never actually feel like it is beaten.

It always has something new up its sleeve to throw at you, something exciting, something special. And to top it all off, FIFA 98 is also revolutionary. How so? Well, it is the first PC soccer game ever where the graphics actually contribute to gameplay, rather than simply being beautiful by themselves. EA Sports have really outdone themselves with this one, and they deserve all the praise I can give them.

So I don’t give squat whether it has some sillinesses. Who cares? With such an amazing play value, how can I complain? A 0 point Windows version. Its not working. Why you have so many games that isnt working on your website. Wasting many hours to download and wasting many GB of data on downloading games that isnt working. The game can be dowloaded and installed, but then when starting the game it shows this fifa98 road to world cup and next it shows black screen and game freeze, or it shows white screen with EA sports logo and freeze.

And then game dosent continue. Why you add so many games on your site that isnt working???? To run the game in newer Windows versions regional standards and formats must be set to English USA , and the pagefile must be mb initial and mb maximum size. Great game! Played it on my N64 like hell back in the 90’s.

Chris Waddle 1 point. Fock’n ace like. Neva realised until recently that you can change the national squads from the entire pool of players. Hidden depths like, yinaar. Plenty o’ leagues to choose from as well as ya world cup like. Great playability too. Fock’n excellent. Peter Beardsley 2 points. Fifa Fan 0 point Windows version. I was a kid and loved toying with changing the International squad of certain countries, especially countries that had a lot of players in International Selection.

The Brazilian national football team in FIFA 98 has most players of any national team, with players in addition to the 20 players who already are in the main squad, for a total of players in total for Brazil. Crom86 2 points Windows version. Unfortunately doesn’t seem to work for me on Win It loads only the first screen and then blacks out and nothing happens. Pity because it brought back memories just checking the screenshots. Gary -1 point Windows version. Tuhin Emtiaz 1 point Windows version.

Thank you guys for making us to download the game. Overall, you’ll love this game if you’re a soccer fan and will still enjoy it even if you like sports games but aren’t a big soccer player. Novice players will find it easy to play scoring goals isn’t very hard on amateur level while experts will like the wealth of options available for them to play with.

Sound: Very good. The commentary is enjoyable and the sounds of the game are realistic, although the crowds aren’t as strong as they should be.

Replay Value: The title does lag a bit here. While there are classic World Cup matches to unlock, you can’t do much else besides play tournaments and friendly exhibitions. You should be able to design your own custom leagues. Contact: , done in 0. But all this comes at a price there is only World Cup format play available. Which means in short: no league play. Some of this loss is outweighed by the whole ‘gee-whiz’ factor of being able to stage a World Cup of your very own while the real thing is still playing out in France, but after just a few weeks of play I’ll bet that the presence of just the 32 World Cup qualifiers and a few special also-rans hello, Canada!

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people go back to RTWC once the folks in Paris pack that irritating Footix costume away at the end of July. The included classic world championship games are a nice touch but only in terms of classic rosters because EA left the modern rules unchanged.

There really wasn’t enough effort put into this. While it is nice to go back and replay some legendary finals, the whole thing just seems like padding in order to cover the lack of teams and gameplay options compared to RTWC.

In my opinion these classic games are a nice try but they don’t sell the game! Another point of complaint is the difficulty of WC On Amateur level I win my games regularly , while on the next step up, Professional, I struggled to earn draws. I’m afraid to point out that there is another skill level above that Make no mistake: WC 98 is the best soccer game available for the PC right now. Its gameplay is stronger than in the previous version, it leaves Actua Soccer 2 behind, and beats World League Soccer easily.

But there are still things to be done here. Lessons remain to be learned from the competition. Actua offers a good model for improving the in-game commentary. Play-by-play man John Motson is cool, but he still should have more to say. It’s time to move ahead with the comments, which are essentially still on the level of FIFA

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