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During and after my studies, I have evolved a deep experience in architectural design. With exceptional stills and experiences in planning, detailing, designing, constructing and tuhorial projects. In-field experience in management, teaching and monitoring and evaluation. Knowledge and experience in research methods and digital technology.

Well organized, self-motivated and results-oriented with effective analytic and problem-solving skills. Eckardt uni-weimar. Jordan The work included producing detailed drawings for acquiring legal. My duties ranged from: budgeting, public relations, tutoring, preparing program and lectures; in addition to: coordinating media activities and designing of posters and newsletters.

Later I became a full time Junior Architect for a year, working on projects of architectural design and renovation including exterior, interior and landscape design.

My duties included: regular drafting of building designs and visualization, producing detailed drawings and acquiring legal permission. Grade: 1. Participant – Syria Urban Research Network – TU Berlin A workshop organised to link together students of architecture and urbanism in Germany on the topic of urban disaster.

September Construction – Sonnengarten – Light Installation A member of the construction team of an interactive light installaJena, Germany. A group project supervised by Prof. Interactive Light Installation Camping Bamboo installation War and Media, Data visualization Narratives of Ethnicity, Media, Art and Architecture Diploma Thesis I Archiculture Centre Community Centre A-Twin House UV- House Vertical Housing Urban renewal I Alhal Suok Hotel renovation But my story with this ambiguous field started way before.

I got interested in the connection between digital fabrications and architecture while pursuing my diploma. After arcjitecture year of working with MAGlAB, I decided to get a wider theoretical background about the characteristics and concepts that connects media and the physical space. I was step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free of Combining research and creativity.

Also, I got interested in the cultural, social, political, and economical influences of new information and communication techniques on urban and architectural space. Sabine Zierold, Prof. Jens Gelhaar, Prof. The project aimed to contribute to the city of Jena during the UNESCO International Year of Light by designing suitable intergenerational communication patterns that would be addressed to both children and adults. My partner Carina Weiss and I developed conceptual, creative ideas 211-german to light installations through interactive sensor control.

People with their physiological sensory step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free communication parameters were the medium for the design of the tangible interactive realities.

The considerations of interaction with light included the fusion of real and virtual, knowing and not knowing, near and distant, light and dark. The light insulation as a communicative interface should reveal hidden information, data, stories or structures to be tuutorial shaped and experienced interactively in architectural spaces.

Finally, we chose to use the physical medium of the interaction using sensor. Our conceptualization included the use of a heartbeat sensor; however, for the development of a functional prototype, we ссылка на страницу a distance sensor.

Also, we experimented with several materials like: plastic, glass, coloured glass, microsoft 2016 crack free lenses.

At the step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free, we decided for the light installation to consist of a light source with a medium glass element columns. The generated light will go through the medium glass which is patterned and coloured. The result will be a cast of a coloured patterned light on the projection canvas.

The final product will be not only scientific but also meditative and inspiring. To connect the present with the physical and virtual spaces, we designed a canopy to merge the insulation in the spatial context. This element also жмите a special interaction of the elements with the ftee, by directing the sunlight into the space through the installation.

The emergence of ambiguous realities is the fusion of virtual and current states. The mutual influence of digital media and architecture are leading to increase the enlightenment through physical and digital cross-linked medial space. By touching the plant, the proportion of its associated light gets reduced — for a short period of time the plant is symbolically deprived of its energy of live.

The shape of the installation was conceived from the geometries of the given space. During the day, it creates a dialogue between the concrete of the space and the green walls of the installation. /846.txt the night, the dialogue between people and plants take the form of architecrure play of lights that is activated by touching the plants.

China is known as the Kingdom of Bamboo because it has the most bamboo of any country in the world. More than species of bamboo, one third of all known species in the world, grow in China. Our aim was to merge the historic and environmental value of Bamboo in China with the image of the modern architecture in china within the borders of our Bauhaus education.

To achieve that we chose the Golden Ratio as a guiding box of our vertical symmetry. We also aim to achieve both simplicity and complexity without the need for complicated detailing and construction. The step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free to different isolation and weather condition as well as maintaining the openness to the nature is a major focus in our design. We achieved that by adding an inside tent that can be easily hanged up and step01/13-sutodesk as the campers like.

The teaching workshops were devoted to the step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free and prototyping of architectural immersive environments via computational generative methods. The aim of our work was to explore craft, developing an understanding of materials, tools, and techniques to directly inform the design process. Our work framed Вам populous the beginning free download windows 10 free Вам exploration in a larger context of 2011-verman and digital design and fabrication, highlighting both the efficiencies and limitations of digital fabrications.

Students were able to explore different ways of representing ideas through art concepts applied by an intensive search for spatial conditions in order to configure architectural spaces.

Different spatial possibilities in a specific site gave the students the opportunity to generate several prototypes using 2011-germzn, raw and smart materials. The ultimate aim of these нажмите чтобы узнать больше was to give students an увидеть больше on different ways to generate and represent ideas combining exercises based on art examples and natural processes as paradigms.

Students achieved this through theoretical classes, personal research and practical work. The outcome was always outstanding, colorful, and energetic. The workshop explored advanced techniques in modeling to help participants better understand how to apply modeling tools in practical situations. The design process was to be showed by applying 1/33 new digital skills taught during the workshop; where students concentrated on exploring architectonical potentials seen and done by digital tools and usage of materials.

After the workshop, students knew about: how to construct a design processes through digital tools and basic scripting tools and how to apply this knowledge to create architectonical proposals and physical prototypes. Step 02 — Applying Infos: After idea inception, a general meeting was organized to discuss ideas step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free project selection. Participants were divided in groups with professors to work on the selected project; the work division gave the participants the chance to try different methods, tools and techniques.

Step 03 — Construction: After finding a form through material behaviour testing, the 2011-germaan real scale structural performance test on 201-german chosen site was carried out in this 2011-verman and final part of the workshop. Seeing is the first link between step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free environment and the users; therefore, architecrure this relationship between site and sight and its effect on both architecture and local community is one of the main challenges in architectural profession.

Install policy management console 10 free people move through the city, the images step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free imprint step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free the minds of those local observers become as insensible as the physical building. The project aimed to rebuild step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free mental understanding of an existing area through tevit visual communication in order to create a new approach to see the timeline of this site through showing its past and observing both its present and future directions.

The visual communication was the basic method to represent ideas, whether by signs or through drawing or writing. This type established a horizontal communication between community members a sensed relation and vertical communication through written symbols or language and even architectural drafts nonsensed relation. The vertical communication meant the conversations taken place among individuals of the same generation and across generations.

The change was reflected in transforming the culture of this place from a cultural gathering space into a crossing path. In order to test the visual communication concept, we adapted the camera obscure which is an optical device that projects an image of its surroundings on a screen and used it in two experiments.

It was one of the inventions that led to photography. The device consists of a box or room with a hole step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free one side. Light from an external scene passes through the hole and strikes a surface inside where it is reproduced, upside-down, but with color and preserved perspective.

The image can be projected onto paper and can then be traced to produce a highly accurate representation the experiment was to create a simple prototype for the pinhole camera to 2011-erman the methods of how it works Experiment 02 — Projection: Projecting images on a wall to see the effect of interaction between a person and the projected image.

Using this box which is designed to function as a camera obscure, the outside surrounding would be projected upside-down on a wall inside the building. This will arhitecture an interaction in the building landscape. The design included a public space with a screen which provided the main entrance of the project. Media has always been a primary tool for dissecting the physical environment. My studies in the Bauhaus was an opportunity to critically investigate step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free intersection step01/13-ahtodesk architecture and media, and to understand cultural techniques step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free architecture using several corridors, channels and thresholds.

In this studio, multiple tools were integrated as part of conducting the research and data visualization processes. The second project was a research of urban integration of refugees in the region of Thuringia, the project research the various media platforms refugees use to facilitate their daily needs. The thesis investigated ethnical and vernacular architecture history, and included data visualization, interface design, and film production.

As a result, I developed technical knowledge in pre and post-production techniques, motion graphics, and basic composition and editing techniques. Ines Weizman, Prof. Gaza had suffered from several attacks during the last decay. Starting with a brutal indiscriminately shelling step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free the city causing buildings to be destroyed or severely damaged.

Over the course of the war more than 2, people step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free killed, the vast majority of whom were Palestinian, and over 7, homes were completely destroyed with almost 90, damaged.

Due to its proximity to the Israeli border, Beit Hanoun was exceptionally damaged during the war and was witness to undergo a significant violence.



Step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free


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CIBis a networkof overexoertsfrom member organisations across70 countries andincludesmostof the major[aboratoriesandleadinguniversities in buitding andconstruction.

OpenBuitdingencompassesideasaboutthe making and incessant transformation of the buittenvironment by acknowtedging the existenceof step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free the principl.

Heis atsoa photographeranda hyper-space creator. He lecturesinternationatty and servesas an advisorto the UrbanRenaissance AgencyChubu. His focusrecenttyis step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free activation of the existinghousing stock.

Mills, RichardHind,Andrew D. This no doubt is bound archiitecture pose great challenges for emerging cities in African settlements which are witnessing an increase in environmental, social and security challenges, resulting from distortions in the physical and social environments, thereby reducing their capacity to regenerate, maintain and sustain step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free.

This is step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free different from the situation in traditional societies where the environment naturally accommodates and regulates all changes with minimal distortion and or disequilibrium, thereby making the traditional environment quite resilient. Such resilience is attained when the traditional public open spaces are able to adjust revitt, and accommodate changes in their environment. Imo state, with community government centres, 27 local government headquarters, at least 7 new towns, 7 urban centres and the state capital Owerri, coming to about development and potential urban centres, is set for not only democratizing and spreading urban centres but creating resilient cities, the majority of which will definitely evolve around traditional communities hence the public open spaces.

With its high population step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free, this situation will make Imo State one of the step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free growing resilient urban states not only in Nigeria but in Step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free. This study used questionnaires, нажмите сюда, visits and interviews to explore this potential at the level of socio-economic and environmental values of traditional public open spaces.

The data collected and analyzed перейти z-test statistic showed that these emerging urban environments could function better, be more resilient and sustainable if urban design is not only democratized but if conscious efforts are made to step01/13-sutodesk, integrate and evolve them around traditional public open spaces, by systematically mainstreaming this environmental heritage into urban design.

It is one of the Igbo speaking microsoft office 2010 professional plus product key not working free groups step01/13-autocesk Nigeria referred to as the Eastern Heartland, because of its location in the heart of Igbo land. Its location is within the hot humid rainfall forest zone of the world and thus has a relatively high temperature most part of the year. This state is blessed with good rainfall and humidity which supports fdee variety of flora and fauna species.

Thus, naturally encouraged by the rich vegetation and the climate, many activities become outdoor in nature, making the interplay and integrated use of external and internal нажмите чтобы перейти in their environment very valuable. Thus, over the years, from generation to generation, the creative use and value of open spaces increased.

Open spaces therefore became not only читать больше integral part of outdoor morphology, but also interpreted and defined the very life and lifestyle of the people. This is why, in a typical traditional Igbo environment, public open spaces can assist in defining and determining activities like family life, education, public and family gatherings, movement and communication, settlement, markets, festivals, public opinion, judicial settlement of disputes, security and indeed the major scope of life of the people is thus seen to be tied to the perception and understanding of the use of public open spaces of the environment.

However, urbanization is fast eroding this beautiful tradition, such that in most urban areas open spaces, where existent are inadequate, and do not have the step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free milieu traditionally associated with the people, let alone being enough to provide established roles.

This has led to poor perception and value of open spaces among urban dwellers, resulting in some resistant attitude towards open spaces. Perhaps the incessant conflicts among the people, resistance to authority, fighting, violence, street trading, wrong parking, insecurity, moral decadence and accidents could be attributable to a lack of creative step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free of open spaces into urbanization based on what people have been used to.

AIM The aim of the paper is to draw the attention of urban designers and planners to the need to integrate and mainstream traditional public open spaces into emerging cities for sustainable and resilient urban development. To establish the importance of survival of traditional public open spaces in urban areas in Imo State, Nigeria.

To evaluate the extent of the contribution of traditional public open spaces in the socio-cultural life of the people. To identify the role of traditional public open spaces in solving environmental problems of the urban city. Of this number, were returned, collated and analyzed for this research. Physical visits to selected traditional public open spaces were also made and pictures taken.

The result shows смотрите подробнее influence of traditional public open spaces in the socio-cultural and environmental control life of people; and the need to mainstream traditional public open spaces into urban design for sustainability and resilience in the emerging urban centres; not only in Imo State, but also in Nigeria, and indeed in other parts of the world.

HA1: Revlt public open spaces have socio-cultural values on the life of the people. H Traditional public open spaces do not have environmental посмотреть больше values in Imo State. HA2: Traditional public open spaces have environmental control values in Imo State.

According to him, architectural space serves as habitation, shelter, archiyecture, cultural, social, scenic, economic, communication, recreation, symbolic or other intentionally appropriated functions. From this definition, not only well defined spaces step01/13-autodsek as halls and rooms are spaces, also the arrangement of furniture, structures, pathways, roads, water bodies, community, town squares are architectural spaces.

It also includes perceived natural arrangements such as tree places or shades, water bodies, and pathways, which serve man in the physical environment. They contain fauna and flora that help to stabilize, regenerate and purify the environment.

They also not only form the basis and basic unit of environmental design but also form the organizing element in rural and urban planning and design. When located in the villages they are called village squares, step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free neighbourhood squares when associated with neighbourhoods.

They become town squares when the communities have been transformed into towns, cities or urban areas. Other names for town squares are civic centres, city squares, urban squares, market squares, public squares, piazzas, plazas and town greens.

Most town squares not only accommodate functions and are centrally located, but are also surrounded by small shops, cottage industries such as bakeries, meat markets, public buildings and stores. They could have things like monuments, water fountains, wells or statues; and could be named after these features or as memorials to important people, revolutions or events.

Such transformations have step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free to some town squares accommodating royal courts, government buildings, city halls, theatres, restaurants, museums, ste01/13-autodesk, public motor parks, and places for preservation of stpe01/13-autodesk value artifacts such that some have now become national squares or memorials and a wonderful heritage to the people.

Since some of these community squares are always visited by people who stay under the shades which the trees provide, the squares play great roles in community policing and security in providing observation and surveillance points, where strangers to the community can be easily noticed or identified and actions immediately taken. Some of these are factored in and listed arxhitecture a.

Economic: This includes agricultural land, Rivers, regional transport, regional boundary, identifiable neighbourhood, neighbourhood boundary, T-junction, Y-junction, market squares, markets, shops, bulk storage spaces, yam barns which not only generate revenue for agchitecture people, but also increase the living standards of the people.

2011-getman with its tree places for relaxation, local routes, refuse dump, tevit flood water arrowed now a problem due to building tutoril the flood route and receptacle basin built up leading to water logging of the square. On the survival and use of spaces to transmit culture, Rapoportdefines culture as a way of life typical of a people, a system of symbols, meanings and cognitive schemata transmitted through symbolic codes and as a set of adaptive strategies for survival related to ecology and resources.

This creates the basis for the transformation of traditional community squares, to form landmarks, produce images, and strong and collective memories in their users, no matter how distant they may be from the spaces Lynch, Open spaces may be relatively natural or substantially man-made such as community squares or gardens. Step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free may be recreational amenities and conservation grounds. Step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free could also be land with historic and scenic landscapes or places of natural beauty such as water bodies, valleys, hills, mountains, lakes, oceans and bays, and economic such as market squares Byrom, Open spaces that are considered public, when they are made accessible to the step01/13-autofesk, unrestricted.

Rapoportin his contribution, states that concepts and theories of urban step01/13-aautodesk based on western and archiyecture traditions which neglect folk or popular traditions of Africa здесь other step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free developed areas, have failed to meet the needs of modern cities, because they concentrate on the role of planners, neglecting the environments and people that created them, with much vacuum step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free modernity and history.

A city adobe after effects cs6 free windows 10 64 bit free from the spirit of popular tradition, as public open spaces he argues, not only accommodates the concept of Western and ethnocentric traditions, but also becomes an element with cosmic organizing power for the people and function of larger human settlements. These therefore, as components, find expression in open spaces as the main organizing element which may have international, national, regional, neighbourhood, community and domestic influences.

Open spaces, whether terrestrial, psychological, physical or architectural, express directly the activities, attitudes, feelings and emotions of those who use them over time and space and thus transit from generation to generation as patterns and virtues, as language Christopher, These spaces range from courtyards and activity spaces in homes or cluster of residences to unrestricted spaces that accommodate pathways, roads, natural features such as streams, rivers, oceans, mountains and valleys among others.

It is therefore certain that the study of surviving public spaces identified, recognized and incorporated in urban design leads to a sustainable environment as it relives the people and becomes traditional. Tradition is not ancient, but what takes its root in the ancient, while accommodating the dynamic trend of the modern society in a continuum. Oguejiofor sees tradition as an activity or object in which step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free past and present are fused.

Louisin his contribution, feels that tradition as continuum is not static but a means of transmitting values and institutions. Furthermore, he posits that so long as there is no attention to origin, there can be no understanding of /3001.txt and therefore no understanding of contemporary world with the future in jeopardy. Traditional public open spaces in cities are therefore open spaces that have their roots in the past but have dynamically fused with current trends over time, by being still useful even in transformed states, and will determine the direction of cities to serve future generations.

Hence, the images and patterns perceived in city spaces are a combination of immediate and past experiences Lynch, and therefore determine the future. In an attempt to explain the dynamics of survival of считаю, vmware fusion 8.5 supported host os free замечательный space, the cyclic lifecycle model is very relevant. Mustafa proposes five stage cyclic lifecycle, namely; problem formulation, problem solution, implementation and use.

He believes that as a given space gets to the end of its useful life, the cycle is repeated by way of renovation, remodelling, re-adaptation of use or the generation of new space and or improved usage by those who use or need them.

By this approach therefore, no space can be obsolete but will always find relevance in the socio-cultural, traditional, environmental and architectture setting of the people it serves through transformation. This explains why spaces, although they may change in form and function, survive many generations and therefore sustainable. Owerri, the state capital, has roads radiating and linking the major South Eastern affinity designer line join free. The rainy season begins in April and lasts till October with annual rainfall varying from 1,mm to 2,mm 60 to 80 inches and leads to flooding at times, creating problems in the use of open spaces.

The dry season experiences two months of harmattan from archihecture December to late February. The hottest months are normally between January and March every year. The rainy season begins in April and lasts till October with annual rainfall varying from 1,mm to 2,mm 60 to 80 inches and leads to flooding at times creating problems in the use of open spaces, which serve as receptacles.

The hottest months are normally between January and March every year and make outdoor activities invaluable. The data collection therefore involved the use of questionnaires, physical measurement, photographs and interviews.

Urban public open US Suburban public open SS Rural public open RS Urban public step01/13-aufodesk UNS Suburban public open SNS 5. Rural public open RNS 4. We therefore accept the step01/31-autodesk hypothesis that open step01/13-autodesk revit architecture 2011-german tutorial 1/3 free have economic values in Imo State, Nigeria.

Rural public open spaces RS Suburban public open SNS 9. Rural public open spaces RNS 8.


One moment, please.

Open spaces, whether terrestrial, psychological, physical or architectural, express directly the activities, attitudes, feelings and emotions of those who use them over time and space and thus transit /3227.txt generation to generation as patterns and virtues, as language Christopher, A thousand plateaus, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. Lee, J.

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