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The application has been specially designed for shots taken with your Nikon camera and is the optimal software for RAW processing. Adjusting your images to create photos that will maximise the capabilities of both your camera and lens has never been easier. Nikon’s exclusive function for specifying imaging characteristics, Picture Control, is also supported. The new sidecar format saves adjustments to a separate file and preserves RAW files in their original, post-capture state as non-destructive files.

You can start over with the adjustment of RAW images, without undoing previous adjustments. The sidecar format also makes it easy to simultaneously apply adjustments to multiple files.

Capture NX-D supports a variety of displays for the efficient processing of images. With filmstrip display, thumbnails can be positioned above, below, to the right, or to the left of the image area.

When two or more monitors are used, the image display area can be expanded by moving individual floating palettes for each adjustment function. You can combine multiple floating palettes, which can then be moved together for increased convenience. Batch processing can also be used to simplify the troublesome process of applying adjustments to multiple images. This software runs as a native bit application under bit operating systems.

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Nikon Asia. Nikon Global. Capture NX-D. Store Locator. Print this page Register this product Get support. Download here. Preserve RAW files in their original state The new sidecar format saves adjustments to a separate file and preserves RAW files in their original, post-capture state as non-destructive files.

Easy-to-use display formats Capture NX-D supports a variety of displays for the efficient processing of images. Multiple screens, minimum effort When two or more monitors are used, the image display area can be expanded by moving individual floating palettes for each adjustment function. Tech Specs. Please enter your post code to search for trained specialists.

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(PDF) NIKON Capture NX2 Guide | Brooklyn ClothingLab – – Capture NX-D


Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Browser software for nikon d1 digital cameras for macintosh 38 pages. While every effort has been made to ensure the information in these manuals is accurate and complete, we would appreciate it were you to bring any errors or omissions to the attention of the Nikon representative in your area addresses are provided separately.

Page 6 Using Open Folder in Browser Page 8 Open Recent Page 9 Red Page 10 General Page Chapter 4 Introduction Capture NX 2 provide you with a new intuitive approach to the art and science of image editing that saves you valuable time and effort. Capture NX 2 is the latest version in a long line of quality tools from Nikon designed to speed up workflow for photographers.

Open the CD through the My Computer icon on your desktop, and double-click on the setup icon that appears within the window that is displayed to begin the setup wizard.

Page Color Management Options Color Management Options Once the setup wizard has installed the files onto your computer, you will be provided with options to set up your color management preferences. Support for computer related issues is free for either six or twelve months from the date of your first call to Nikon, depending on your product. Please ask our customer service representative for details. Also, visit6 our technical support web site at www.

Using the Browser To open an image using the browser, follow these steps: Open the Folders palette, the Browser palette will automatically open.

Click on the pull-down menu for the Open destination folder with other application after transfer option. The NEF file format saves the complete contents of the Edit List palette along with the original image. All changes made to the image are stored separately within the file, enabling a non-destructive image editing workflow. This file format enables you to save a greater number of images using the same amount of hard disk space as the other file formats.

To create such a small file size, a form of compression is used that irreversibly affects the quality of the image. Page 23 Next, modify elements that affect only localized areas, such as blemishes and small distracting elements. Then, apply effects that add a style or mood to the image. Finally, prepare the image for output by resizing and sharpening.

Following these simple guidelines can help improve the quality of your images and provide a more structured approach to enhancing your images. The print function is both easy and powerful, enabling you to create high quality, fully color managed prints. You can select Print… from the File menu at any time to print the current image, or you can select multiple images from within the Browser palette to create a print package. If desired, check the Crop Photos to Fit option to ensure the entire printable surface is utilized.

Page 27 Check the Use Output Resolution option. If the image is larger than the page, click on the Page Setup button and select the appropriate paper size that the image will fit upon.

Page Printing Contact Sheets Printing contact sheets To print a series of images as a contact sheet, follow these steps: Open the Browser palette and select the images you would like to print. To select multiple files, hold either the Shift key and click on the first and last images of a range, or hold the Ctrl Windows or command Macintosh keys while single-clicking on each additional file you want to add. Page 29 Click on the Select Layout option, and then in the provided pull-down menu, choose the number of images you would like to display on a single page.

Alternatively, you can use the Select Picture Size option and select the size of each picture. Capture NX 2 will automatically tile the available images to fit onto one or more pages. Page Batch Processing Batch Processing Batch processing is the automatic application of one or more enhancements to a series of images. Typically, a photographer will use a batch process to apply a predefined series of adjustments to several images at once.

Capture NX 2 contains even more methods of batch processing than before. You will then be presented with the Batch Process dialog. Click on the Browse… button in the Source section and locate the folder of images you wish to process.

Page 32 Check the Rename box if you would like to change the name of the processed files. Click on the Edit… button to call up the File Naming dialog and determine the naming convention for the processed images.

Use the Select File Format pull-down menu to select the file format for the processed images. To select all of the images in the current folder, navigate to the Edit menu and choose Select All. For the Destination option, choose where the new JPEG or TIFF files should be placed by using the Select folder option to place them in a new folder or using the Use source folder option to place them in To select multiple files, either hold the Shift key and click on the first and last images of a range, or hold the Ctrl key Windows or command key Macintosh while single-clicking on each additional file you want to add.

The Advanced section provides you with options for the selected file format. Start Click to begin converting the files. Page General General Open With Application Choose this option to select the application you wish to use when opening files with the Open With… command in the File menu.

Page Intent Intent Use this preference to set the default rendering intent for the various color management features throughout Capture NX 2. The different rendering intents control how colors from your image are made to fit into the colors that your printer can produce as indicated by the printer profile. Please note: different printer and paper combinations, as well as the different software used to create printer profiles, benefit from different rendering intents.

When Point Sample is selected, a single pixel will be sampled when a dropper is used. Grid Color Click on the color patch to bring up the color picker and select the color for the gridlines displayed on top of the image when the Show Grid option is enabled. Both cache systems speed up the interaction of Capture NX 2 by storing processed information on the hard disk, enabling Capture NX 2 to use the cached information instead of reprocessing the files. The browsing cache is used for the thumbnails created and displayed in the Browser palette, while the editing cache is used for NEF files saved during editing.

Page 49 With the default settings, Capture NX 2 will utilize up to 2 gigabytes of hard disk space to store cache files. If all 2 gigabytes of allocated space are utilized by cache files, Capture NX 2 will begin to replace the oldest cache files with new cache files. You can click on any of the available presets to display the contents in the field editor, duplicate the preset using the Duplicate button, or delete the preset using the Delete button.

Page Labels Labels Label Compatibility Use the Label Compatibility pull-down menu if you use another digital asset management software application to tag and sort your images. Capture NX 2 supports a number of digital asset management software applications. If you select the appropriate option from the pull-down menu, Capture NX 2 will be able to read the label and rating information added by that application.

Page Available Labels Available Labels The maximum number of labels available depends on the selection in the Label Compatibility pull-down menu. You can choose the number of labels to display by clicking on the radio button next to the desired number of labels. Manage Settings The Manage Settings section enables you to determine which settings are displayed within the Load Adjustments sub-menu of the Batch menu. By default, Capture NX 2 provides you with four different workspaces. Within this tab, additional workspaces can be added or removed and you can determine the shortcuts to assign each available workspace.

Please note that, you cannot delete a default workspace. Chapter 7 — Preferences Workspaces Page 56 Chapter 7 — Preferences This section contains a brief overview of each of the main elements that make up the Capture NX 2 interface, as well as information about the new workspaces, working with multiple screens, using the image window, and working with palettes and menus.

Page Workspaces Workspaces Workspaces are new in Capture NX 2, enabling you to quickly change tasks while displaying only the palettes and windows necessary for that task. Capture NX 2 comes with four different default workspaces and provides you with the ability to create custom workspaces. Selecting a particular workspace will arrange all of the palettes and windows according to the stored settings for that workspace including the position, state of the palette maximized or minimized , as well as other settings that affect what is displayed within a palette or window.

Page Metadata Metadata The metadata workspace is designed to provide you with optimum workspace to review and add metadata to your images. Within this workspace only the Browser and Metadata palettes are displayed. Page 61 To create a custom workspace, follow these steps: Arrange the palettes and windows according to your taste.

Navigate to the Window menu and select the Workspaces sub-menu, then select Save Workspace. Alternatively, click on the workspace selector and select Save Workspace. Type in the name of the new workspace and click You can then assign a shortcut to this new workspace by following these steps: Navigate to the Edit menu Windows or If you select a shortcut already in use by another workspace, the shortcut for that other workspace will automatically be set to None.

Page Desktop Please note: Only default workspaces can be applied in this manner. Custom workspaces always are applied to all available screens. Please note: Some workspaces cannot be used in conjunction with another. The following table shows the available combinations.

Page Image Window Image Window Image windows are the frames that contain your images and provide you with important data which can help you enhance the image.

Image windows are displayed as long as Capture NX 2 is not in the full screen or presentation modes. Page Soft Proof Soft Proof The soft proof feature enables you to preview the effect of an output profile on your image, approximating the results you can expect from your printer.

The soft proof function provides you with controls to preview the use of different profiles. Page 66 Soft proof offers the following options: Target Profile Select the color profile from the list to view the result of the color management system and to preview how the different color management settings will affect your image. Intent Choose from four different rendering intents. The different rendering intents control how colors in your image are mapped to the colors that your printer can produce as indicated by the printer profile.

Page Finding Palettes Finding Palettes Undocking many palettes can sometimes make it difficult to locate that palette. All palettes and windows can be located using the Window menu. The most frequently used palettes and windows are listed directly in the Window menu, while less frequently used undocked palettes and windows are listed in the Undocked Palettes section of the Window menu. To open a folder of images in the browser, double-click the folder icon in the browser or use the Folders palette, the Open Folder in Browser command in the File menu, or Nikon Transfer.


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