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The Mavic 2 Pro camera profile is now available, and you can download it for free at FilmConvert. Do you use FilmConvert to grade your footages? Final Cut Pro X; Motion; FCPX: New interface + fixes for High Sierra; New Nitrate features DJI, DJI Air 2S, DJI Inspire 1 / Phantom 3, DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Film Stock Emulation Plugins.

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FilmConvert Nitrate & CineMatch Critical Update: Premiere Pro Update FilmConvert Nitrate and CineMatch now support the DJI Mavic 3 Cine! Zero Likes. In a world where we’re more connected and more alone than ever before, one man tries to change his life. By Jason Roberts · Nikon Z6, FJ Ast


Filmconvert mavic pro 2 free


Good, evil, revenge, escape? Should we pity or fear the tortured man who once walked among us? As the song breaks into its instrumental finish, we are transported to an affluent residential neighbourhood, mid-day, jogging, clean. The story fumbles many knots without untangling any of them, clearing in front of us a path of endless questions.

Always on the outside and unable to connect Michael wears a happy mask to hide how he really feels. We follow Michael on this unusual creative journey to find someone he can be himself with.

Featuring a Kung Fu fight with a calculator of course. In Evil Ahead, a young woman encounters bizarre warnings as she walks to her car alone.

Are the warnings real, or just a prank? Are you? I shot this piece during my two weeks vacation, between Tokyo, Kamakura and Kyoto. All shots were handheld, except for the few timelapses at Shibuya crossing. My best friend got married and I got to film it, We will talk about this day for the rest of our lives Mark fights the daily grind trying to make a living on the street as a mime. The last thing he needs is another mime working on the same block. Needless to say things escalate in a way that only a mime could understand.

Trailer from the story of Tosha and Darrin. Romance, Sensitivity and Fine Art. These are the three elements that gave inspiration to Chris Gouberis art, helping him to deduct the unnecessary, in order to isolate and designate the value in a photograph.

Nearly 16, all Taylor Jo dreamt about was the freedom of the open road in car she could call her own. TJ grew up never knowing her biological parents, having only a few pictures as mementos. Living in the foster system has made her tough but after being abused by her foster father she was left feeling helpless and alone. On her 16th birthday she receives a mysterious gift.

A key to a storage unit that contains the one thing she never expected to find, a Jeep Wrangler. The same make and model her birth mother owned before she died. Where did this Jeep come from?

Why is it here? TJ and her friends take the Jeep to seek out answers to its origin and its mysterious appearance in her life. A discovery trip of what Spain has to offer. Explore the differences between the Catalan and Andalusia region of Spain. With a song that sounded like it was straight out of the 70’s, we needed a video that matched the timelessness of it. Swooli The artist came to me with the song Millenial 20’s, and I honestly knew that Film Convert was going to help me achieve the vision, feeling and look this video needed.

It’s only when you are flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is. Moments in time that create new understandings. Moments that no one can take away from you. Nature is truly remarkable and can serve a form of inspiration like nothing else on this planet.

Entry into FilmConvert Competition – The film chronicles two peoples different opinions of a night out, it comments on the hopelessness of spending all your time out on the piss, chasing the opposite sex.

In occasion of 70th anniversary of Porada, his founder Luigi Allievi interpreted by Silvestro Sammaritano remembers how he fell in love with wood while sketching and producing a new chair.

This really was a stunning wedding celebrating two people that are clearly perfect for each other. Reviews From the Industry. Calvin Klein – underwear Calvin Klein commercial shot. Kiselyov Filmconvert By Maxim. By Charlie Carter. Evanescent The story of a girl and her pursuit of a balloon. By Vlad. Put Your World to Rights With this cycling challenge, Andrew got to make a return trip to Iona and inspire others to use cycling on the vast open roads for dealing with personal loss and difficult times.

By priit doe. Witching Hour A woman home alone at witching hour. What could go wrong? By Dennis Jacobsen. Rigmarole A man’s endless feedback loop from hell through his journey suffering from depression.

By Ankit Ojha. Deaf radio – Animals After an extreme gang hazing “ritual”, a rookie gang member discovers and embraces his true self. By Yannis Papanastasopoulos. A Day at the Beach she found something Lifeproof : Finding Home Professional wakeskater, Nick Taylor, is living proof that humans are limitless. By anthony jaska.

Gubble Bum Gubble Bum is an abstract music video, but at the same time it speaks about personal expression. By Giuseppe Esposito. Adrift on Shetland A non-verbal observational documentary revealing the moody, and often fog-shrouded landscapes comprising the Shetland Islands.

By Arnold Kopff. Dear Eve Dear Eve is a short drama film about a foster child who struggles to find a place she can truly call her home. By Robert McMahon. Portofino Wedding Film getting ready: belmond. Jeff Loch is a French freelance director, editor and colorist, working mostly on music videos, commercials, and corporate films. Unsubscribe via link in newsletter.

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