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31 Best Free Backup Software Tools (June ) – EaseUS Todo Backup

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There are six buttons in the left pane, which between themselves cover all the primary functions and features.


Best home windows 10 backup software free


Additionally, if you intend to back up to a newly purchased external hard drive, check out the software that ships with it. Seagate, WD, and others provide backup utilities that are adequate for the average user.

Some programs automatically select the appropriate files if you use the Windows library folders Documents, Photos, Videos, etc. Boot media: Should your system crash completely, you need an alternate way to boot and run the recovery software.

Any backup program should be able to create a bootable optical disc or USB thumb drive. Some will also create a restore partition on your hard drive, which can be used instead if the hard drive is still operational.

Any backup program worth its salt allows you to schedule backups. Any backup program you use should allow you to retain several previous backups, or with file backup, previous versions of the file. The better software will retain and cull older backups according to criteria you establish.

Optical support: Every backup program supports hard drives, but as obsolete as they may seem, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are great archive media. Online support: An offsite copy of your data is a hedge against physical disasters such as flood, fire, and power surges. Online storage services are a great way to maintain an offsite copy of your data.

Backup to Dropbox and the like is a nice feature to have. Visit Website. Originally started as a disk imaging utility, today it has become an all-in-one backup suite, equipped with tons of advanced features, including security tools like ransomware protection. The entire signing up and installation process are easy and quick.

Support: Registered users can enjoy hour technical support via calling. It offers a wide range of functionalities to create multiple backups in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, it offers excellent performance while restoring a large amount of data in the least duration possible. Unlike most of the tools, Paragon automatically deletes old backup images based on specified value, so that you never go out of storage space.

Talking about the interface, it might not be an overwhelming experience for novices. You might get confused when it comes to creating a recovery media. But you can explore the Settings, located in the left pane to get the task done!

Support: You can submit the queries through the Ticket System. The company claims to provide answers within 3 business days. Alternatively, you can drop your question at the Paragon Forum or refer to their Knowledge Base platform to get how-to-guides and more.

Paragon does offer pleasant experience when compared to other Free Backup Software for Windows mentioned here. It was capable of completing different types of backup copies at much faster rate than other freeware options. Cloud Berry has an appealing user interface. However, with a wide range of options and tools, navigating through it might be cumbersome for novice users.

To be honest, the backup software is designed for advanced users, so you need to have much technical knowledge to set up and use the product. Support: The company runs a top-notch email support system and you can count on them to get speedy and efficient responses. Cloud Berry is truly an exceptional data backup software that helps when it comes to taking real-time backups. Additionally, it has several scheduling options hourly, daily, and weekly. You can even set up custom scheduling, according to your convenience.

Ease of Use: Although the file size of the backup software is fairly large. But it takes only a few moments to get it installed on your device. The interface looks a bit outdated, so you might not be happy with the look and feel, but it is undoubtedly a great choice for newbies. Alternatively, you can connect with Email Support to get timely responses. The backup software is suitable for both home and business use. It even allows users to compress backups into Zip for easy file sharing.

You can rely on this multilingual tool for both personal and commercial use. Cobian Backup is a multi-threaded program that helps users to not only backup important files but also directories from their original location to other drives. It exists in two different versions, such as application and service. It uses fewer resources and runs in the background without hampering performance.

The tool keeps your system protected with the highest level of data security. Its free basic plan with 5GB storage has all the standard features needed in the best backup software. It provides additional storage for syncing all your devices and computers. You can effortlessly share files with anyone and backup to a local drive, as well.

Right Backup is probably the easiest solution available to backup and restore files anytime, anywhere on any device. You need to use free data backup software like Cobian Backup or FBackup to save all your data to a secure place. Windows Mac iOS Android. Unlike some of the other backup software here, iDrive is cloud based. That means your files are backed up to a server on the internet.

In many ways this is a lot safer and more convenient than keeping backups at home on your own hard drives. Another bonus is that iDrive also works very much like Apple Time Machine, in that you can go back and restore a file at any point in its history. Ideally before it was corrupted or encrypted by malware. These can also be accessed via the iDrive web client. This is great if you realise that you needed to backup something up or if someone at home needs older files.

If you need a complete clone of your drive, including the OS, then you can use the Disk Clone tool in the iDrive desktop client, which comes with a wide range of other features. Should you prefer a simpler life though, without all the configuration choices that the powerful desktop client has to offer or the various online adventures, then the new iDrive Basic is a stripped down interface that helps you set up backup schedules, restore previous versions, and share files with friends all with only a few clicks.

Just as with all Cloud backups, IDrive is suitable for those with high-speed unlimited bandwidth broadband, and those with capped connections should probably avoid it. IDrive does offer an Express service where backups can be made on storage drives that IDrive ships out to you and returned. Get iDrive here. Where you used to be able to buy it separately at a reduced price, Paragon now forces you to buy HDM Advanced whether you want its extra features or not. But, if you will take advantage of things like moving and resizing disk partitions and securely wiping data from drives then it could work out better value than other packages.

The interface is clear and easy to understand, with step-by-step assistance for the various backup tasks you require on the schedule you set.

The combination of defined scenario and ad-hoc backups is a very flexible one that fits well with those who use their computers in an especially dynamic way, who therefore need their software to be equally adaptable.

And these backups can be mounted by virtual machines if you wish to investigate their contents quickly. The difference with this solution is that it is triggered by the insertion of the backup media i. There is also a real-time mode that tracks changes to files in the highlighted folders and then copies them to the backup location.

For someone who captures data each day and wants to secure it at the end of their working day, the AutoBackup method works well. There are no file too big to backup, and your subscription gives you unlimited cloud storage. But it does copy away any documents, images, videos or other file types that are on your system, plus it works with Windows, macOS, as well as Android, iOS and iPad OS.

You can get a full refund on that if you send it back afterwards. And, if you have lots of files it will take some time and broadband bandwidth to back it all up and, indeed, restore it, though most people have much faster download speeds than upload. Those with slow or data-capped broadband will be better off using an app and making backups locally.


Best home windows 10 backup software free


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That way, you can easily choose between the best free and paid solutions on the market. The best free Windows backup software comes with the most user-friendly interface out there. The software can backup your entire system, whole drives or partitions, and individual files and folders.

Full review. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is an efficient tool that can backup your entire drive on the cloud. Furthermore, you can create backups on your local drive or on an external disk. IDrive is a handy Windows backup software that has been on the market for the last 25 years. One of its best selling points is that it lets you backup as many computers as you want.

BackBlaze is an excellent cheap Windows backup software that comes with some handy features. Rather than providing its own cloud storage, MSP lets you keep your files and folders on 65 different destinations. This makes it an ideal option in case you want more control over how and where you back up data.

Aomei Backupper Professional can backup your entire system, hard disks, partitions, and individual files or folders. It can backup your entire computer, individual disks and volumes, or specific files or folders. Although FBackup is a free Windows backup software, it covers all the essentials and offers some advanced features as well.

Established in , EaseUS is a top name in the data backup and recovery niche, and many tout its free software to be the best in the business. Signing up for the free version hardly takes seconds — but installing it might take a couple of minutes, as the installer file is quite bulky about MB.

EaseUS Todo has the most user-friendly interface among all the free backup software I reviewed. Everything is neatly laid out, which makes navigation smooth and easy. EaseUS Todo can backup your entire system, whole drives or partitions, and individual files and folders. It allows you to restore files up to two weeks in the past — and even lets you back up your files to the cloud. The tool lets you select a backup schedule and backup type full, differential, or incremental according to your requirements.

Differential and incremental backups are smaller than full backups — and hence faster to make — but take more time to restore. EaseUS Todo can compress your data to save disk space. If you want, you can also password protect your data. One of the most notable features of this free system backup software is Pre-OS.

It allows you to run the software before Windows starts without having to use a flash drive or a disc to run it. Nor will you be able to schedule event-based backups. However, these features — while useful — are not something that most users will miss much. I made several backups to check how EaseUS Todo impacts computer performance and am happy to report that the program runs peacefully in the background, without affecting other processes.

EaseUS Todo has got all the important bases covered and much to offer. It provides all the regular features and some more, like smart backups and pre-OS software. Its performance is up to the mark and email support satisfactory. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is an old player in the backup game. It started as a disk imaging program — but now is the best all-in-one backup suite and comes loaded with several advanced features, like ransomware protection. It tells you what the software can do and how to use it.

The user interface is clean and intuitive, featuring seven large tabs in the left panel that cover all the primary features and settings. The best thing about Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is that it backs up your entire drive on the cloud but not an external or a locally networked drive. It is also a complete Windows backup solution in the true sense, letting you make backups on the local drive, an external disk, and on the cloud. It also offers more backup-scheduling options than most other tools, including a unique option called Upon Event.

You can use it to create backups at special instances, like when you connect an external hard drive. Another feature unique to Acronis is ransomware protection, which monitors your data for unusual file modifications. Unlike Backblaze, this data backup software also offers Facebook and Instagram backups so that you never lose that content.

With Acronis, you can even remotely manage and modify your system using a mobile device. Cool, eh? It has also got you covered if you want the added protection of a private encryption key. In case a problem occurs, you can quickly roll back to your previous state.

The only downside is that the basic one-year plan offers GB free cloud storage, which may not be enough in the long run if you have an extensive collection of videos and photos.

Registered users enjoy access to hour technical support via phone. Its performance was equally impressive during restoration, downloading 1 GB of video and photo files in nine minutes. If you like it, you can purchase any of these three plans:. Based in California, IDrive has been in the backup business since While its cloud backup plan for personal users is not the cheapest or most featured, it hits high marks across all important categories — pricing, advanced backup features, and performance.

I was able to install the software in a jiffy, and the user interface is simple yet effective. There are six buttons in the left pane, which between themselves cover all the primary functions and features. IDrive has you covered.

It lets you backup as many computers as you like, including external or locally networked drives. However, you may want to go a little easy on it because the space offered is limited 2 TB in the Personal plan. Like most cloud backup programs, IDrive backs up only user files — not system or application files.

IDrive offers a courier service, IDrive Express, which lets you request a physical hard drive to perform an initial backup. Once you return the drive, the company will upload your files to its cloud servers. You can create one such backup a year for free. Additionally, IDrive allows you to use this service once a year for free to restore large amounts of files from an existing backup.

Simply attach an external drive and click the Disk Image Backup button. Unlike most file backup software, it supports endless versioning, keeping up to 10 older versions of deleted or updated files forever. However, unlike Acronis and Backblaze, IDrive makes continuous backups. But the good part is that it does offer some advanced features, like File Syncing. You can sync selected files across different computers with a single click.

Another useful but somewhat limited feature is File Sharing, which allows you to share files with other IDrive users. Like Backblaze and Acronis, IDrive encrypts data at the client site but also supports a private encryption key.

You can choose to use the default encryption or add private encryption when you set up your IDrive account. IDrive is not only suitable for personal users — but also tailor-made for small businesses. IDrive is compatible with Windows 10, 8. Among Windows servers, it supports Windows Server , , IDrive uploaded data faster than other cloud backup solutions for Windows I tested. It took 1 hr and 28 mins to complete my initial upload of 16 GB files.

However, its download speed is nothing to rave about. IDrive offers a free basic plan — but it can work as an online-syncing solution at best since you get only 5 GB space. It is reasonably-priced, puts in a good performance, offers technical support via phone, and provides some advanced features like file syncing. Backblaze is one of the top names in the cloud backup niche. While there are many who offer better sets of features, few make backups as convenient and cost-effective as Backblaze.

Backblaze offers unlimited cloud storage, which is truly awesome. Backblaze takes the worry of scheduling backups off your shoulders by backing up non-stop by default. Backblaze uses AES encryption to keep your data safe, but you can add a private encryption key for extra security. But remember — you lose the key, you lose the data forever. The restoration process is simple and handled through a web interface.

You will have to bear the return shipping cost if you opt to receive your files via mail — provided you return the USB flash drive or USB drive within 30 days and make no more than five requests a year. However, you can contact its team via email or chat. Backblaze uploads files at a good speed.

It uploaded 16 GB of photos, music, videos, and documents in about 2 hours 38 minutes. I was also happy with its download speed. It took me about 9 minutes to restore 1 GB of video and photo files. You can check out a more detailed Backblaze review in our backup software reviews section. Backblaze is the best set-it-forget-it backup solution. The fact that it is extremely cost-effective and offers unlimited cloud storage helps too. If what you want is a no-frills backup software, you should certainly give it a try.

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