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5 elements of microsoft word 2016 free download. Word 2016: Getting Started with Word

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Certify and Increase Opportunity. Be Govt. Besides the usual PC window components close box, title bar, scroll bars, etc. Callout 1 The first document you open is called Document1 in the title bar at the top of the window. Callout 2 The menu bar. The File menu is the first one on the left. Callout 3 The Standard and Formatting toolbars. Callout 4 The insertion point. When you start Word, a new file opens. That file is called a document. In the New Document task pane that opens, click Blank document.

In the upper-left corner of the document, or page, is the insertion point, a blinking vertical line. The first thing you type will appear there. You can start further down the page if you want to by pressing ENTER until the insertion point is where you want the first line to begin. As you type, the insertion point moves to the right.

Then type the greeting. When you type the body of the letter, if you want to indent the first line of a paragraph, you can do that by pressing the TAB key on your keyboard to move the insertion point one-half inch to the right.

Go ahead and type. Just continue to type. Whatever you are typing will continue on to the next line. Go back to Tutorial. MS- Word Window Elements.

Apply for Computer Fundamentals Certification Now!! Get industry recognized certification — Contact us Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Contact no. Get Govt. Are you a MS Office Expert? Take a Quiz. Take Free Test. Functionality or Purpose of the Component. Contains pop-up menus for style, font, and font size; icons for boldface, italic, and underline; alignment icons; number and bullet list icons; indention icons, the border icon, highlight, and font color icons.

Blinking vertical bar that indicates where text you type will be inserted. To move the insertion point, just click the mouse where you want the point moved. Non-printing symbol that marks the end of the file. You cannot insert text after this mark.

Invisible narrow strip along the left edge of the window. Your mouse pointer changes to a right-pointing arrow when it is in this area. It is used to select a line, a paragraph, or the entire document. Double-click to split the window in two to view different portions of the same file. Double-click to return to one window. Displays page number, section number, and total number of pages, pointer position on page and time of day. An animated character that can provide help and suggestions.

There are multiple characters to choose from, and it is possible to turn the Office Assistant off.



5 elements of microsoft word 2016 free download

Get the basics with Word like, start, open, or read documents, track changes, save and print. Word available in a single area. File Menu. Quick Access Toolbar. Zoom. View Toolbar. Status Bar. Dialog Box Launcher. Groups.


5 elements of microsoft word 2016 free download

Successful candidates for the Word exam have a fundamental understanding of the Word environment and the ability to complete tasks independently. They demonstrate the correct application of the principal features of Word by creating and editing two- to three-page documents for a variety of purposes and situations. Dec 29,  · Components of the Word Window. Besides the usual PC window components (close box, title bar, scroll bars, etc.), a Word window has other elements. Component. Functionality or Purpose of the Component. Menu Bar. Contains File,Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Table, Window and Help menus. Standard Toolbar. Contains icons for shortcuts to menu Component: Functionality or Purpose of the Component. Microsoft Word Beta New in Microsoft Word We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.

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