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A few years after protagonist Leos Klein attempts a coup, the Earth once again faces a power struggle between three large corporations and a revolutionary group attempting to establish a new government. Moreover, the improved visuals and the mecha aesthetics just complement the stellar AC AI that kept players on their toes.

When it comes to the best games in a franchise, people just reserve a spot for the classics – and such is the case of Armored Core , the game that started it all. After the cataclysmic Great Destruction wiped out a vast majority of Earth, its survivors went underground and began living under the control of corporations. As these corporations clash, mercenaries called Ravens have begun profiting from the situation as they conduct their missions using ACs.

In a genre ordinarily dominated by the classic MechWarrior , the original Armored Core certainly proved itself a worthy contender with its in-depth customization and choice of missions. This level of creativity was unprecedented, evidently making Armored Core a standout in the genre. As an Architect, players are tasked to build and program ACs that can fight independently of their control. Unlike the other warlike settings of Armored Core , Formula Front instead focuses on a worldwide competition of the same name that transformed AC combat into a sport.

Compared to other games in the series, Armored Core: Nexus begins with a rather interesting twist – a new corporation named Navis has been investigating ancient technology, putting other corporations in high tensions that lead to all-out war.

Players who want an extremely realistic – albeit sometimes frustrating – experience piloting a mecha will definitely feel awesome playing Nexus. Serving as the sequel to the first Armored Core game, Armored Core 2 does take things up a notch – to Mars, in fact.

In the story, a colonized Mars will face chaos courtesy of the Frighteners and the mysterious Leos Klein. The player is tasked to lead a team to defeat the Frighteners, but not without following the usual Armored Core formula of doing missions and earning money with their ACs in the process. Aside from impressive customization, players have access to improved graphics at a time and a UI reminiscent of a cool mecha cockpit. Serving as a direct sequel to Armored Core 3 , Silent Line: Armored Core sees mankind starting to reclaim the surface after life underground.

And when people start vanishing beyond the mysterious Silent Line, players have to bring in a team of their own to investigate. Being an expansion, Silent Line allows players to import existing data into the game, bringing their favorite mechs with them. The most recent entry in the franchise, Armored Core: Verdict Day takes players to a world where three factions fight over natural resources. While the game retains much of its fan-favorite mechanics – such as in-depth customization, programmable AI, and team-based battles, the game also enhances the experience with unique skills and weaponry.

It also has a multiplayer mode that will have fans of different factions fight for control. However, due to the popularity of Souls games, Verdict Day remains a must-try.



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