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TLS is a cryptographic protocol that provide authentication and data encryption between different endpoints, e. Acronis cloud data centers are built to provide the highest levels of safety, security, and accessibility. To ensure tue these standards are maintained, Acronis commits to use TLS 1. Security protocols are like software; they require continuous updates and enhancements.

Which is why we are shipping free mandatory software updates to Acronis True Image versions that enable the use of TLS 1. Acronis will start disabling support of legacy TLS versions in datacenters starting from March Disabling the use of older versions of TLS protocols is as important as adding rrue for new versions: in case old versions are frse supported, downgrade attacks can force the servers to use older versions of the protocols that have known exploits and vulnerabilities.

We highly recommend that you install this security update before March Doing so will not only enhance your security, but is also necessary for all product features that use the Acronis Cloud to continue working properly. If you choose not to update your software, certain functionalities will be unavailable beginning in March.

Q: Does this affect me? A: This /10844.txt affects you only if you use Acronis True Image, and meet any of the following criteria:. Q: Activation acronis true image 2017 free is happening? A: Acronis is releasing a mandatory software update for Acronis True Image of versions included.

Q: Why is it important? A: Acronis updates its cloud servers to authenticate users using only newer and more secure connection acrronis and reject connections that use older less secure methods. If you don’t install the update, any product features that use Acronis Cloud will stop working read down for the complete list of affected features. Q: What is required from me? Q: When should I install the update? A: The activation acronis true image 2017 free become available starting from December /5333.txt It is necessary to install the update until March Q: How to install the update?

Q: Can I keep my old build and install the new build side-by-side, so I could use both читать статью A: No. The new build will overwrite any earlier build. There is no way to have two different builds of Acronis True Image installed at the same time. Q: What exactly will happen, if I don’t install the new build? The following new and existing tasks will fail:.

You will not be able to do anything with the installed Acronis True Image remotely by using the Online Dashboard. Q: What functions will remain unaffected, if I don’t install the new build?

Q: Are there any caveats, that I should be aware of? A: We have tested the update thoroughly and do not expect activatlon issues. Optionally, you activation acronis true image 2017 free do the following as a precaution measure before installing the update, to be able to revert the update, in case it causes unexpected behavior:.

If the new update causes issues, you would be able to roll back the changes by restoring the system from such backup. Refer to the activation acronis true image 2017 free documentation about the recovery. A: No, you don’t qctivation to. The bootable media that you already activation acronis true image 2017 free, will continue working without any change.

Q: Where can I download this security update? A: If Acronis True Image is installed on your machine, you will receive a activation acronis true image 2017 free about available update; you can then download and install the build automatically. The new build with security update is also available for download under your account at account. Q: Will you provide technical support for this update? A : Yes, with the goal of getting the product successfully updated. Skip to main content.

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If you have reinstalled or upgraded your operating system or hardware, or simply moved acrohis product to a different machine, reactivate Acronis True Image in the new environment: click here for instructions. A: No. Q: What is required from me? Boxed versions of Acronis True Image are activation acronis true image 2017 free with digit activation keys instead of full product serial numbers. 64 adobe trial bit free illustrator cs6 this article helpful? If the computer /215.txt you install Acronis True Image does not have Internet connection or if the program cannot connect to Acronis Activation Server, click Account on the sidebar, and kmage select one of the following actions: Try again – select this option to try to connect to the Acronis Activation Activation acronis true image 2017 free again.


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